Protect Your Equipment and Create Your Own Custom Look with a Spray-Grade Speaker Cabinet Coating from Scorpion

Over time, speaker cabinets age and start to show wear and tear. Years of touring can give your equipment a beating and cause it to look dingy and worn. One way to renew the look of your speaker cabinets is with a custom spray grade speaker cabinet coating. A cabinet coating can make your speaker cabinets look brand-new again. If you have recently purchased a new speaker cabinet kit, now is the time customize and protect them.  Here are some of the other benefits of speaker cabinet coatings.

Numerous Color Options

A spray grade speaker cabinet coating can help your band create its own trademark look. With a spray grade speaker cabinet coating, your imagination is the limit. Unleash your creativity and use various color combinations to set your band apart from the rest. You can choose from numerous colors, such as light gray, desert sand, HD orange or maroon. You can also create your own custom color with Scorpion’s spray grade speaker cabinet coating.

Your Choice of Textures

You can choose almost any texture that you want when you use Scorpion’s spray grade speaker cabinet coating. Scorpion even makes a unique metal flake finish that will definitely add flare to your speaker cabinet. This special speaker cabinet texture coating has tiny, highly-reflective metallic flakes that will add sparkle to your speaker cabinet. Use just a little for a subtle look or a lot to create a bold look that will stand out.


Speaker boxes are typically made from wood. Consequently, they are easily damaged during everyday transportation. Scorpion’s speaker cabinet coatings were originally designed as truck bed liners. These tough, durable coatings have since been adapted for other uses, including as speaker cabinet coatings. Scorpion’s cabinet coatings are extremely durable. They use a polyurethane blend, which has incredible strength and durability. These high-grade coatings are abrasion and tear-resistant.


A spray grade speaker cabinet coating is water and weather-resistant. While other speaker cabinet coverings may look nice when new, they are going to degrade over time.  This speaker cabinet coating will stay put even in adverse conditions and is UV stable, as well. This means that the color will not fade with sun exposure.


It is very easy to apply and clean up Scorpion’s spray grade speaker cabinet coating. It has wonderful adhesive power, especially to wood. The speaker cabinet texture coating dries within hours of application. In addition, the finish is very easy to maintain for years to come.

Keep your speaker cabinets and road cases looking new and give them a custom look with a spray grade speaker cabinet coating from Scorpion Protective Coatings.