Should I Get a Bed Liner?

Why wouldn’t you?

Seriously, your truck is an expensive piece of heavy machinery, and the point of the truck is that it has a spacious bed you can use to haul enormous loads of cargo at once. If you don’t have truck bed protection, and your bed starts to wear out, what good is your pickup truck at all?

Yes, anyone who owns a pickup truck should have a high-quality bedliner installed. Bed protection is affordable and available in a few different types to meet the different needs pickup truck owners have for hauling cargo.  Your two best option will be a low pressure batch mix system known as Scorpion XO2 or a high pressure liner.  Bother of these methods are great options and will work long term for you and your truck.  The end goal is protection and that is exactly what these liner options provide.  

Low-Pressure Spray-On Bed Liner

Low-pressure spray liners work similarly to high-pressure, but as you can gather from the name, they’re applied using a lower temperature and pressure spraying tool. This is sometimes a better solution for trucks with pre-existing damage to the bed, or for older & classic pickups that may suffer damage from the high-pressure spraying equipment itself. Low-pressure spraying has a distinct coarse texture that’s visible to the eye, and it takes a longer time to cure than the higher temperature high-pressure sprays. However, once cured, they provide the same protection that you would get from a high pressure liner.   The biggest difference will be the dry time.  With a batch mix system, you can expect to see a 45 minute tack free time and limited duty for 48-72 hours.  This is something that needs to be worked around, but the long term durably is there and will be more color stable that any of the high pressure options.    

Scorpion Bed Liner Pump

            A-25 bed liner machine

High-Pressure Spray-On Bed Liner

A high-pressure spray bedliner is a chemical spray made from polyurethane materials that’s applied to the bed of the truck using a high temperature, high-pressure sprayer tool. This creates a tough seal around the bed that cures quickly as it cools and forms a thick barrier preventing scratches, dents, and tears.  The high pressure system is great in settings that do not have time to allow for an extended dry time.  This system will typically be dry to the touch in 6 seconds.  A manufacturing setting, for example, might need components immediately as the assembly line continues to move.  This system is expensive to get started with.  A business that is looking to invest in this system will need to have a supply of trucks or components ready to spray to make this investment justified. 


No matter the system you decide on, get your truck bed protected.  Not because we are bed liner people, but because we want you to achieve the maximum life from your truck bed as possible.   It will take the abuse instead of the truck bed itself.  You will be amazed by how a bed liner that is multiple years old will clean up.  Click here to access the Scorpion Coatings Dealer Network.