Here’s the deal. You finally purchased the truck that you’ve always wanted for personal and business use. You test drove it, brought it home, washed it everyday for weeks on end. The outside is shining so you can see your reflection.

As you open the door, you get that “new car scent” breeze that gives you the smack down in your face. Swweet! You are the man or woman right? All of your friends and family want a ride and need you to haul everything under the sun. From the kids bikes, lawnmowers and the daunting task of moving a friend. FURNITURE?? YIKES! Tell me you knew that was coming.

It’s only been a few weeks and your truck bed liner has been in overdrive. Little did you know you purchased community property. Hey, but you’re the nice guy or gal. The one that can’t say NO to anyone. After all that moving, picking up and hauling you realize your truck bed liner has already been exposed to rainstorms, hail, dusty dirt and sun ray exposure.

So you being you, out comes the soap and water to drown that baby. After all, it cost you a hefty amount for that truck and you want to keep it looking great. To your dismay, the bed liner of your new ride was scratched and not so glistening anymore. You think to yourself, if only I’d installed a

spray on Scorpion bed liner!

Well, the good news is my friend, it’s never too late. If you have an older model vehicle or one fresh off the car lot, there are several options for maintaining and protecting your truck bed liner.

Scorpion Protective Coatings are: Easy to install, Affordable and Eco-Friendly & DIY kits are available. Don’t leave bare metal behind to rust- Coat it Today! contact us by sending us a quick inquiry and we will be in touch. Happy Hauling!