The 2017 SEMA Show is in the books and the post show scramble to connect with leads is on.  Scorpion Protective Coatings and Scorpion Window film took in the sights and sounds of the SEMA Show Las vegas from the upper level of South Hall..

We brought our bed liner material and equipment back to South Hall after a couple years away.  Joining Scorpion Bed Liners was Scorpion Window Film.  Window Film is not something you think of when walking these aisle ways among all the 4-wheel drive equipment, but found there to be a lot of interest in the window film product and brand.

The support we had from our partners was outstanding as always and many thanks need to be made!

A special thanks to the follow:

Terry Mayer-Scorpion Coatings Canada

Jim Stuart-Scorpion Coatings of Oklahoma

Julie Gederos-Roland DGA Corp.

Brett Wassell-Film and Vinyl Designs

John Goodman-Spray Equipment & Service Center

Michael Hasler-Spray Equipment & Service Center

Jordan Burkeen- Fusion Tint Vinyl & PPF Tools


Terry Mayer of Scorpion Coatings Canada is one of Scorpion’s longest tenured partners.  Terry has been a distribution partner to Scorpion for 18+ years and has vast experience with the coatings.  Terry’s experience with the protective coating makes him invaluable to our team!

Jim Stuart is long time partner of Scorpion and has been in our booth before.  This year, a last-minute schedule conflict put his most recent build in the Scorpion booth!  Jim was up to task and delivered an amazing Chevrolet 3500 Dually that had been entirely sprayed in bed liner material.

Julie Gederos and Brett Wassell committed to not only working with Scorpion Window for support in the booth, but went above and beyond to help with “Show Specials” for those looking to get into the film market.

Mike Hasler and John Goodman joined the Scorpion team as our equipment representatives from Spray Equipment and Service Center.  Scorpion has long been known for its versatile low pressure XO2 system, but has found this great partner to help expand our presence in the high-pressure market.

Fusion Tint Vinyl and PPF Tools was on the spot to help with set up on the Roland Plotter.  Jordan and Nick offered great insight on this new model of machine.

Click to see a gallery of Team Scorpion at SEMA.

The 2017 SEMA Show is in the books and all we can do now is start getting ready for next year!