Scorpion’s SEMA Wrap Up

The SEMA Show Recap

Welcome Back

After life not looking normal for many months, getting to the SEMA Show 2021 was a welcomed relief.  The energy, hype, and excitement was all there and wow, was it a great time!

So many things looked like they have always looked.   Same lines, same crowds, and YES…

The Scorpion Booth

Look at the XO2 Texture!

the same damn wait on the Monorail line every evening after the show! (Seriously, with less people at the show, shouldn’t this line have been shorter? )   That damn Monorail is my mortal enemy!

The Tesla Tunnel

Getting to the booth to set up is always one of the most exciting parts of the show for me!  You have made art work, brochures, show specials, and badass vehicles and this is the chance to see how everything came together.

Set up day is also my day to catch up with my favorite Canadian!  Terry Mayer of PowerCoat Canada is always in Vegas to work the show with us!  This year we got to meet the extended members of this team from Quebec, Billy and Batis.

Lots of people put out effort to make a show the size of SEMA a success.  I don’t know if anyone put out more effort than Jim Stuart of Scorpion Coatings Oklahoma.  He picked up vehicles, built vehicles, transported vehicles, spotted vehicles, and cleaned vehicles for the show!  In case you don’t understand……Jim is a ROCK-STAR!

Team Scorpion.

After the show, he returned vehicles half way across the county and still found time to do some volunteer work for Vocation Education Students!

I feel it is necessary to thank the owner of Scorpion Coatings, Clayton Tomasino, for having the confidence in our team to pull off a successful trade show.

Lots of people worked the booth with us.

Billy discusses the possibilities!

Mike Buford of M&S Diecast and Designs

Terry Mayer- PowerCoat Canada

Billy Dupras – Scorpion Quebec Protective Coatings    

Batis Chouinard- Scorpion Quebec Protective Coatings

Booth Vehicle Project- William “Wild Bill” Wheaton- Extreme Offroad Coatings

Music City 4×4 for the booth vehicle

We also need to thank countless members of the Team Scorpion Family that stopped by the booth to say hello!

While the show may have gone off with less people and less exhibitors, I would call it a success for Team Scorpion!  The energy level was high and show attendees were interested in our products.

As the show wrapped up, the energy for the 2022 show was already there as we began making plans.  To me, this is unusual!  Typically, as the show wraps up thoughts turn toward home and family and discussing something that will take place a year from now is the furthest thing from your mind.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and here’s to a great Holiday Season!