Scorpion WB250 Waterborne Urethane

deck coating

Scorpion is a color stable, waterborne urethane used for coating or sealing. Waterborne urethane may be applied directly to most substrates (including wood, concrete, metals, painted surfaces, and more) and may be used as a topcoat for existing coatings, including but not limited to polyurea and polyurethane coatings. WB250 deck coating products display excellent UV weathering characteristics and is abrasion and chemical resistant. The urethane coating is applied in a thin film (5 mils or less). It is applied in multiple applications when thicker applications are needed.


Scorpion WB250 may be used to overcoat other coating systems to either enhance gloss or to provide additional UV stability. Waterborne urethane may be used as a thin mil stand-alone coating for concrete, non-ferrous metal, wood and other properly prepared substrates.

– No VOC’s
– Non Toxic
– Easy to Apply
– Low Odor
– High Gloss Formulation
– Superior Color and Gloss Retention

– Any areas where a thin mil, abrasion resistant coating or sealer is required
– Decks, docks, walkways, balconies, patios, etc.
– Food processing facilities
– Kennels and other animal enclosures
– Graffiti resistant properties
– May be used additional products in hospitals and other institutional environments where anti-microbial protection is required.

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