Test your knowledge of trucks with this fun online truck trivia quiz. Impress your friends with your knowledge or stump them with the quiz!

#1 When Was The First Truck Made And By Who?

1896; Gottlieb Daimler

1892; Karl Benz

1956; Alexander Graham Bell

1800; Henry Ford

In 1896, German pioneer, Gottlieb Daimler converted a horse-drawn cart into the world’s first truck.

#2 True Or False: Tesla Has A Semi Truck In The Works.




This answer is true. The company has expanded into the world of commercial trucking. Tesla has two all-electric heavy-duty semi trucks planned for 2019. Both have semi-autonomous capabilities and offer a range from 300 to 500 miles depending upon the model. Large companies like DHL have already placed orders for the trucks.

#3 Which One Of These Is Not A Jeep Model?




Grand Cherokee

The correct answer is the Traverse. Although it does sound like it belong to the Jeep family, the Traverse is made by Chevrolet. Jeep currently produces the Compass, Renegade and Grand Cherokee.


#4 What Year Was The Jeep Grand Cherokee Introduced?





The Jeep Grand Cherokee was launched in 1992 as a 1993 model. This Jeep became one of the most popular in the luxury SUV class thanks to its balance of on and off road capability. Jeep sold more than 629,000 Grand Cherokees during the 1990s.


#5  What  Is The Most Recognizable Auto Emblem Ever? OPINION






The iconic blue oval is one of the most recognizable emblems in car history ever. Ford has been producing trucks since 1917.


#6 What truck was not featured in the Fast and the Furious series?

1967 Chevy C-10

GMC Sierra

Custom Jeep Wrangler

Custom GMC Yukons

The Fast and the Furious production is known for the outstanding cars that they bring to the screen. But, they also brought some outstanding trucks to the big screen. All of the above trucks except for the Wrangler were featured in the series.

#7 True Or False:  There Is Only One Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Truck In Existence.



This is indeed false. There’s a replica of the famous van at Warner Brothers’ Photo Car Museum. There is also one at Universal Studios in Hollywood. This one is a mid-1960s Dodge.


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