A pickup truck is as American as apple pie.  In 2010 alone, there were over 1.6 million pickups sold in the US from small size to full size to chassis cab trucks.   Pickup trucks are used on almost every construction site, along with farms, ranches, and many other agriculture related businesses.  With all the wear and tear these trucks endure, it goes to prove that every pickup owner is in great need of an excellent truck bed liner.

Try Scorpion XO2

This is a spray on truck bedliner which is made of polyurethane.  When the patented acrylics blend is mixed to the polyurethane the result is durability and flexibility.  This mixture has a high level of UV stability, is abrasion resistant, and extremely tough.The material bonds directly to the prepared metal of the truck bed, which means no water, no dust, dirt, or anything else can ever get between the truck bed and the XO2 liner.  This avoids blistering of the liner that can result in cracks (which defeats the purpose of having a truck bed-liner in the first place).

To apply a XO2 truck bed liner, a four-step process is involved:


To make sure areas outside of the bed of the truck bed liner are not affected by overspray, you can use paper or plastic to provide protection. Also, if you are applying under the bed rails, remove the tailgate and set it on a raised surface somewhere off to the side.  If you are applying over the bed rails, leave the tailgate on until you set up your tape lines. After you have done that, remove the tailgate.

Scuff, Clean & Fill in Holes

The easiest way to accomplish proper scuffing on your truck bed liner is by using our variable speed polisher.  This uses nylon bristles to roughen up clear coats of paint or bare metal.  Most of our start-up packages include this piece of equipment.  Keep in mind that you don’t need to scuff paint down to the bare metal.  Scuffing is meant to put scratches in the clear coat so that our solution adheres properly.  As the final part of the scuff process, you will need clean the bed liner surface and fill in any holes or imperfections by using polyurethane caulk.


The XO2 sticks extremely well to an adhesive that is applied onto the paint first. The adhesion promoter or “primer” that was developed for this purpose is called Scorpion 8001 Adhesion Promoter.  If this adhesive is professionally applied to the truck bed liner first, then the XO2 can bond to this adhesive.  The result is a seamless, watertight coating that protects the truck bed from almost anything, including scratches, corrosion, rust, chemicals like hydraulic fluids, 20%-hydrochloric acid solution or 37%-hydrofluoric acid to name just a few.


By now, you’ve mixed the X02 and added the color you want to spray.  To accomplish this successfully, we recommend using the Scorpion Spray Gun.  Hold the gun 18 inches away from the truck bed and slowly pull the trigger back just until the gun begins to spray.  Be careful not to pull back too quickly or too hard.  Move the gun with your arm (not your wrist). Spray until you reach the thickness and coverage you desire.

For thorough instructions on how to complete the spray on truck bedliner process from start to finish, check out our interactive training module.

Scorpion XO2 spray on truck bed liner gets a truck ready and protected for all types of work.  For more information, details or colors the XO2 is available in, contact us at 1-800-483-9087 or visit our website.