Scorpion Trailer Coatings

Scorpion Protective Coatings is a family owned and operated business that has provided premium protection products to thousands of customers around the world since 1996.  While our polyurethane coating was originally used as a truck bed liner, over the years many industries have discovered the versatility of Scorpion’s XO2, a 3 part polyurethane system.  It is perfect for metals, woods, fiberglass, and concrete, making it a multipurpose tool in the marine, collision, construction, and commercial industries.

Since its inception in 1996, Scorpion Protective Coatings has served the Trailer Industry through offering both manufactures and dealers a coating solution.  The Scorpion XO2 batch mix system provides an easy to use coating that will extend the life of a trailer.  It’s high quality and affordability makes it capable of enduring the everyday pounding by contractors and the abuse of the “weekend warrior.”  


Scorpion XO2 offers an added protection to any equipment investment, such as work trailers and toy haulers, through multiple features.  Its non-skid finish increases the safety around heavy equipment by protecting against slip hazards.  Our coatings also offer abuse protection for high-impact areas, extending the life of equipment and vehicles.  Once coated with Scorpion XO2, the surface is seamless, water tight, and corrosion resistant.   Scorpion has 12 standard colorfast options, yet if you are looking to match an existing color, we can do that as well.  XO2 can be custom colored to any tint, so matching a business logo or existing color scheme can be done.  


 For a more aggressive non-skid finish, our Rubber Crumb additive is used.   Scorpion Rubber Crumb is a great way to add more texture to your coating surface where water or slick areas are present and you want extreme non-skid properties.  Another added benefit of the Rubber Crumb finish is that it will increase the square foot coverage of an application.  Scorpion’s Rubber Crumb is made from recycled rubber and is lighter than other additives so it eliminates constant remixing.  It is a soft texture additive that provides traction but is not abrasive.