Scorpion Trailer Applications

Why protect a trailer floor?


For several years now, a local trailer manufacturer has contract two Scorpion employees to spray a few trailers a year for the US Army.   We always love repeat business, but we love it even more when we are supporting the men and women of the United States fight forces.   It is great to support these men and women, and it is an even better feeling knowing that your product is good enough for them.


If it is good enough for the US Army, then it is good enough for your truck bed liner.  These trailer are used for training cycles and see a considerable amount of abuse.  It makes me proud that Scorpion’s XO2 is used in this field.  We have always been a truck bed liner company and trucks are what we are known for, but it is applications like these that really complement the products.


Why Spray It?

Protection and non-skid.  The coating naturally provides a better slip resistance for the solders.  Giving them solid footing, and providing a surface that they need not worry about lets them focus on their training.  The finish is aggressive, and we used Scorpion’s Vinyl Flattener to offer more of a matte finish.  This meets the Army’s light reflection requirements.  The end product is easy to clean and maintain.  A simple power wash will do everything that needs to be done to keep it clean and looking good.


With a typically powder coat finish, chips are going to occur.  Once the chips begin, corrosion will soon follow.  The bed liner material is a permanent application and will take a considerable impact to do any damage.  The normal things that will chip a powder finish will never be noticed with XO2.  The Scorpion XO2 is extremely durable and very high elongation properties.  This allows for an extremely high speed impact, with no visible damage.  The elongation means the coating will bend and flex when needed to and this is what offers XO2 to be so durable.


XO2 is versatile.  For this application we used vinyl flattener.  But, we have numerous other additives to achieve a desired result.

  • ZBG- anti-microbial coating
  • FR- Fire retardant (FAA Approved). 
  • Rubber Crumb- Additive for increased non-skid
  • Gripper Granules- Additive used EXTREME non-skid.  

Scorpion’s XO2 is a bed liner, but there is so many other possibilities.  This trailer application is just one of options.  When you have a product that is easy to install and extremely durable, how can you go wrong?


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