Scorpion Special Deals

The Team at Scorpion like to serve up special offers from time to time.  When we have new products or exciting things to try based on market trends, we will offer them out at special pricing or in a buy one, try one type package.


Looking for ways to help customers is what we strive to do.   Opening up eyes to a product they have not seen or thought about before is what we are here to do.  Our goal is always to help our customers grow their business.


We can do that by offering extension to existing products or showing new profit centers on new products.  The growth opportunities for small businesses can be a up hill battle in today’s COVID-19 world. Consumers are spending money differently these days.  What they choose to spend on varies wildly……if a customer enters your shop, then you have the opportunity to up-sell them on new or complementary products…….because we want to increase the bottom line on each ticket.


Currently, some of the trends we are seeing are ways that shops can reduce the amount of inventory on the shelf, while still being able to meet demand.  The ability to minimize the outgoing money, seems more important now more than ever.

Paint Protection Kits (PPF) are a prime example of this.  An entire roll of paint protection film can set you back over one thousand dollars.  For a small shop in this economy, that is a large chunk of change.  Scorpion Window Film offers pre-cut kits for the installer.  All this can be done online, simply enter the important stats of the vehicle, and we cut the pattern and send it to you.  Many times, the film will ship the same day, so you will have the kit in your hands in just a few days.  For a limited time, we are sweetening this offer by throwing in a free bottle of Scorpion CMX RENU to any online order.  Simply use the promotional code PPKCMX.


Other Specials

Buy a 30 inch roll of PPF and your will get a free CMX-5 Year ceramic coating kit for free.

We know our customers love the PPF, but not all have experience with ceramic coatings.  The ceramic coating market continues to grow to new levels and is a great compliment to any existing automotive business.  Ceramic coatings make for ways to increase the ticket size on every vehicle you service, but it can also be a retail product for you as well.

Use Promo Code: 30PPF5 


Buy One, Get one CMX RENU- Very simple on this special, we think you will love this waterless, detail spray!  Again, this can be a product used in your shop, or can be promoted and a retail item for your countertop.

Use Promo Code: CMXBOGO