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Scorpion Protective Coatings and Window Film E-Commerce Website


Scorpion’s history of providing top of the line protective coatings and window film is now available online through our e-commerce portal.  In today’s COVID World, we see that some of our business partners are working odd hours and weekends to make ends meet.  This site is there for them when they need to place an order quickly and get back to work.   


It also serves well to those whose day is go, go, go, and more go.  At the end of the day when they have a chance to sit down and think about what products they need in the future…..oh no, Scorpion HQ is closed for the day.   The e-commerce site is there for these situations.  


I respect and cherish the days when I worked with the Sales Division at Scorpion HQ.  One of my favorite aspects of this job was the day to day interaction with my customers.  Our sales team does not neglect this side of the partnership unless the customer informs us that they are too busy.  We do not use the e-commerce site to hide from our customers in no way.  


Another aspect of is the chance to interact with new customers.  They place an order from a machine with no human interaction.  For Amazon, that might be fine, but our products warrant a relationship.  


The Scorpion e-comm site carries all XO2 truck bed liner products.  Including additives such as flattener, custom colors, and metal flake.  All the staple products that allows you to make truck bed liners stand out.  


You can also find a full complement of our DIY bed liners.  Both Al’s Liner and Al’s Liner Shake and Shoot are available.  You will see multiple skews for each, different applications and colors.  The COVID area has increased the amount of DIY’ers out there and we have seen the purchase of these DIY kits drastically rise.  Keep in mind, if you go this direction, you can still reach out to our technical team for advice and tech tips to help walk you through the process.  


Window Film for both automobiles and residential and commercial is all available on this site. 

As of writing this blog post, WE HAVE FILM!   Across the US, we are seeing numerous film suppliers that are extremely low or even out of window film.  That is not the case here at Scorpion HQ.  


How about the extremely profitable pre cut PPF kits.  An entire roll of PPF ( paint protection film) is very costly.  Unless you are seeing cars every week for this application, that can lead to a lot of money sitting on the shelf waiting.  You can navigate directly to the PPF kit page HERE.    


Ceramic Coatings? Yep, we got the full lineup of Scorpion Ceramix products.  Autos, trucks, leisure, vehicles, RV, Side by Sides

, protection and shine all wrapped up in one package.  There is no better way to protect your moving vehicles than a coat of Scorpion Ceramix.  Our lineup includes the Ceramix RENU. Scorpion Ceramix RENU is a 3-in-1 Protectant (Rinse-less Wash, Detail Spray, Ceramic Coating Sealant) Multi-purpose sealer that coats, restores, and protects multiple surfaces and materials, making coated surfaces easy to maintain while maximizing depth and shine that will last for months.



The bottom line, we go you covered.  Scorpion’s online store is there for you to take advantage of when needed.  In a rush or on the go.   You will earn reward points when doing it and get $$$$ off future orders.