Scorpion PowerCOAT Epoxy for the Garage

Protecting your Garage Floor with Epoxy

In both residential and commercial settings, garage floors are exposed to peeling, breaking down, discoloring, and cracking easily. The standard for a tough garage floor is epoxy.

Also known as resinous flooring, these floors are designed to handle harsh environments and allow you to choose a pleasant design with a delicate glass-look. Resinous is customizable, durable, decorative, and sustainable.

If you are considering installing this flooring, understand below what it is made of, its benefits, and the specific flooring systems.

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What is Resinous?

This is a chemically distinct flooring that consists of two systems, including a combination of hardeners and polymer resins. When properly mixed, the substances form a chemical bond creating a tough plastic-like material. The material formed is resistant to degradation, bonds well, and is highly durable.

Resinous is a surface that is comprised of multiple layers and is applied to the floor with a two-millimeter depth. The difference between an epoxy floor and coating is the depth. If the material has a thickness of at least two millimeters, it is defined as a coating. If it is less than two millimeters it is defined as a floor coating. 

The Benefits of Resinous Flooring

Resinous is one of the best finishing for a garage setting. What makes it unique is that you do not have to panic about damage when a hard object such as a jack stand or a toolbox drops to the floor. It is a topical sealer with a thick coating that covers cracks and other minor flaws.

This coating is anti-dusting in nature. The reason most garages are so dusty is because concrete sheds a lot of dust. The dust tends to collect on tools, storage items, vehicles, bikes, and other items in the garage.

It is also naturally moisture resistant, making it easy to clean ice salts and brines likely to collect during winter. Should you need an extra grip, a slip-resistant aggregate can be added to the coating to create a non-skid surface. Resinous is popular because it is stain and chemical resistant. It means elements such as brake fluids, gasoline, among other caustic chemicals can be easily cleaned.

Resinous Flooring Application

The application of these floors requires good preparation. This involves grinding, acid etching, or shot blasting. This process must be done right; otherwise, the coating will fail to adhere well. Before application, cracks and any other damage must first be repaired. Quality application involves several coats to create a tough surface.

Whether you plan to transform your garage into a system that lasts for years or into a showpiece, a good system such as epoxy will give you the best return for your investment.