Scorpion Mural Project 2020

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Scorpion Mural Project 2020


Recent growth and expansion was at a rate that we needed storage space.  Plans were well underway, but would not be completed in a time frame that we needed to sustain business at the rate we needed.  


Best options?


We went with a shipping container.  Easy to use, cost effective, and maintenance free…..all good right? 


Well, It was UGLY!!!  An extremely faded shade of green that did not look like the “Green Monster” in Fenway Park.  

We contacted an Indiana based artist and commissioned a Scorpion themed mural.


Enter Holly Cooper!   Talented and excited to tackle the project.  For those that are following Social Media channels, you have seen glimpses of her work throughout the past week.  It is fascinating to watch how she creates a one-of-a kind artwork that is themed around a Scorpion!   We asked her to create an abstract design that was based off of our truck bed liner roots.  Not to minimize the Window Film or Epoxy Division of our company, but going to our roots seems appropriate.    


Why a mural? 


Creativity!  Abstract!  The creativity that comes from a mural is endless, assuming you have a good artist!  

Photo Backdrop!


 Any company like Scorpion that produces and accessories for automobiles and trucks, needs a good way to show their product.   Being able to showcase and capture photos and video in a setting that accents their character is priceless.  Besides, in today’s COVID-19 World, showcasing your work online and visually has never been more important.


Photoshop gets old. 


Cutting out pictures in photoshop is time consuming and gets tired quickly.  A natural setting makes for a better picture and feel.  Both Instagram and Facebook are the 2 most popular social media platforms for us and they are all about showcasing your products with great pictures and videos.

Murals Make GREAT Backdrops for Cars and Trucks! 

Why, it is natural.  Only guess I got, but a natural picture just seems to resonate more with followers on social media.