Your Surface Needs Our Protection

A coating for any surface.  Scorpion’s long time place in the coatings industry helps draw on years of experience to provide the best options when a protective coating is required. 


Since 1996, when Scorpion started with a batch mix system called XO2.  It remains and always will be our staple product.  XO2 is the most versatile coating system available and performs at TOP level. 

The cartridge system is was developed as an in-the-field repair mechanism for the HP material.  It is a way to gain a quick dry material when an expensive pump system is not available.  

High Pressure Pumps are great when you have high volume of trucks or lots of surface area.  This material dries in just a few seconds and does well adhering to many surfaces.  

Everyone has that friend that always does it their-self.  For those, we offer the Shake & Shoot.  This is a premium DIY product that is easy to use….even for the 1st timers! 

Ceramic Coatings are a hot topic coating for the automotive, marine and aerospace vehicles.  These coatings provide a layer of protection and creates a barrier between the substrate and the dirt.  

Scorpion XO2


High Pressure Polyurea

DIY Shake & Shoot

Ceramic Coatings