Scorpion Distributor in Newfoundland

Andrew Fagan is our Scorpion Distributor for Newfoundland, Canada. Andrew has a lot of experience spraying Scorpion under the company name A&H Coatings so he can guide any new clients that start up with Scorpion.

Andrew is looking to grow the Scorpion brand in Newfoundland in all sectors including marine use where Scorpion is virtually unknown. Scorpion Bedliner is a fantastic protective and non-slip coating for all kinds of marine surfaces and there is no shortage of boats in the Maritimes.

Andrew is currently selling the XO2 Bedliner and the Al’s Liner Shake & Shoot Bedliner kits but he also wants his clients and future clients to know that he can also supply Scorpion brand polyurea chemicals for High Pressure Spray in Bedliner Systems. So no matter what your investment level is Andrew has you covered with every single option at a very competitive price.

A huge benefit Andrew can offer potential clients is that all of these bedliner products are stocked near St. John’s so no matter where you are in Newfoundland you can get product very quickly and in this day and age speedy delivery is very important.

Check out his Facebook page and give him a call to start up with your own Scorpion Protective Coatings business!