Scorpion Coatings with Additives

Scorpion XO2 is known for its versatility. The Scorpion Flattener agent is one the most popular accessories for an XO2 application. Originally developed for military applications, the key feature of adding flatteners to the XO2 was to reduce the sheen. 


Our staple product, XO2, naturally has a glossy finish.  Some view this as unique and love the look.  Others lik

e to dull it down just a bit and flattener is the way to accomplish this.  We offer different recipes to vary the loads of flattener to achieve a desired result. 

NEVER mix more than a 100% load as you will weaken the tensile strength of the coating.  SEE SHOP MANUAL FOR INSTRUCTIONS


Again, with the development of the flattener additive for the military, since then we have learned of other benefits.  

  • Increased hardness of the coating.  
  • Added durability
  • Polyurea look and feel


XO2 has a shore hardness range of 86-88.  Adding a load of flattener to the batch will increase the hardness to a range of 90-92.  In the world of testing, this is a significant difference.   


With increase in hardness, you will garner a little extra durability.  XO2 is already an extremely durable coating without adding any extras. But, the flattener additive will give it more durability.  


The look of XO2 is more glossy than that of its close cousin the high pressure polyurea liners.  XO2 is a batch mix system that does not require the high pressure pump for application.  When mixing what you need, this is where you gain your versatility.  We brag all the time about the many ways to configure XO2 and this is just another way.  

According to Sonny Rooney, Sales Representative and Corporate Trainer, Flattener can be summed up with these 4 points….

  1. It gives you the opportunity to make it look just like High Pressure without spending $20-30,000 for a machine. While giving you the look, feel, and toughness that customers expect.
  2. If you want more texture, this allows you to bring it to another level. With a little trigger, and higher PSI can work magic when it comes to getting texturing.
  3. It allows you to build on what the customer needs- If you have someone that is a contractor, farmer, or just down right will beat the heck out of the bed. This allows you the extra option to make the liner harder and to take more of a hit if needed.
  4. The look…. Matte look is in right now, and people are looking for more of a Matte finish, not a shine. Which allows you to make it happen if needed.

Let us help you with your bed liner needs.  Scorpion has 25 years in the bed liner and protective coatings market.  We know a thing or two about keeping your ride protected.