Scorpion Canada and PowerCOAT

We have added a new section in the Scorpion Stinger for our Canadian Distributor. Every week PowerCOAT Canada will have a small writeup in the Stinger for the Scorpion applicators in Canada but we also feel that this will further enhance the Scorpion experience for our American applicators as well.

This will include Scorpion applicator and product spotlights and anything else that we feel will help us grow the Scorpion brand in North America. Scorpion Protective Coatings has been very active in Canada for many years and now under the umbrella of PowerCOAT Canada there has been a lot of positive changes and a lot of growth over the last few years.

Terry Mayer of PowerCOAT Canada has over 20 years of experience with Scorpion Bedliners and many other types of protective coatings so he can help guide you with almost any question you have. Even after 20 years Terry is still very excited about Scorpion. Terry is backed up by Troy Beauregard who oversees the operations of the company and is quickly learning everything there is to know about the coatings industry. Along with the head office location in Alberta, PowerCOAT Canada has set up 2 other distribution points in Canada to better serve our clients.

Our distributor in Newfoundland, Andrew Fagan, is very experienced with Scorpion Bedliner and also decorative floor coatings. Our other distributor, Bill Dupras, is in Quebec and he provides a huge benefit to all of our French speaking clients. Both of these distributors stock
Scorpion product and offer great customer service.

Besides Scorpion Bedliners, PowerCOAT offers other types of protective coatings such as epoxies, urethanes, polyaspartics, sealers and many other types of coatings and application tools. Besides our own brand of decorative and protective coatings we also represent PPG High Performance Coatings so there is not a coatings spec that we cannot match. PowerCOAT also represents Husqvarna and Blastrac Prep Equipment. These manufacturers represent the best concrete grinders, shot-blasters and dust control systems on the market. Our company motto is this… “We do not believe in putting one product into every application, we believe in putting the right product into every application”. This way you and your customer will be happy in the end. This is why Scorpion Bedliner is so important to us. We consider it the most versatile protective coating on the market bar none. It has been used in every industry you can imagine, not just bedliners. Our end goal is to have Scorpion Protective Coatings represented in every town and city in Canada. This is possible as Scorpion Bedliner is one of the easiest premium bedliners on the market to apply and with very little initial investment (under $500), this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Contact Terry or Troy at PowerCOAT Canada for more information.