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Scorpion Truck Bed Liners

bedlinerScorpion is the worldwide leader in spray-on and industrial coatings.  From truck bed liners, EMS vehicles, trailers, and numerous industrial applications, Scorpion has multiple coating options for you.  Scorpion offers low pressure batch mix systems, cartridge, and high pressure pump systems.  We also offer specialty formulas that are fire retardant and anti-microbial.  With the most complete coating line-up available, Scorpion has a product for you.

Scorpion Window Film

tintcarScorpion Window Film is one of the fastest growing film companies in the United States.  We offer a complete line of automotive, architectural, and safety security film.  Using the finest raw material available, Scorpion Window Film comes with a lifetime warranty. Scorpion’s manufacturing process uses superior technology to create color stability and avoid the “purple” effect.  See why installers are switching to Scorpion.