Scorpion Body Liner—The Best Way to Protect Your Investment

Why Protect Your Vehicle

Your truck is part of your life and a great investment that you should take good care of to continue benefiting from it. Without protection, the only way to protect your truck is never to use it and keep it from tough external elements, including the sun, snow, dirt, bird droppings, etc.

Ideally, anything you haul on your truck and the elements you expose it to have the potential to damage your truck one way or the other. For example, UV rays can damage your vehicle paint via photo-degradation, leading to fading. This will make your vehicle appear old and worn out, which we’re sure you won’t want for your truck.

The sun can also damage your truck bed, and the things you haul there can cause scratches, dents, and strains. The best way to protect your truck bed is by using a truck bed liner. Luckily, Scorpion has one of the toughest and most durable protective bed liners on the market today.

We’ve also seen a trend where truck owners coat their entire trucks using a durable material, resulting in a coarse, matte-like finish. This is a great way to protect your entire truck and enhance the look and style of your vehicle.

Why Scorpion Body Liner?

The story of Scorpion goes back to 1996, when they introduced their first automotive coating formulas. Scorpion founders were looking for a reliable solution to protect their truck beds from scratches which was a common problem then.

Of course, drop-in bed liners were available at the time but didn’t provide the best protection. Scorpion would later introduce their formula, which was much better than drop-in bed liners in terms of protection and different color and texture options.

Today, scorpion bed liner coatings are among the toughest on the market and provide the best protection against damage, rust, and corrosion due to environmental elements. These bed liner coatings are made from polyurethane, making them the ideal coating option for different surfaces, including metals, fiberglass, wood, plastic, etc.

That said, here’s why you should consider Scorpion body liner coatings:

Tough and Durable

As stated, Scorpion uses high-quality polyurethanes. As such, the end product is resistant to chipping, cracking, or peeling. Once applied to your truck, it will maintain its original appearance and keep it in pristine condition.

Different Color and Texture Options

The beauty of choosing Scorpion’s body liner is that it comes with custom textures and colors. Your truck bed should be unique. No matter your preference, you can choose between the different textures and colors available when installing the body liner coating on your truck.

When it comes to color, you have different options, including covert green, dark gray, desert tan, black, shale green, etc.

Also, you can choose between the smoothest and extremely textured bed liner. Whichever way you want it, our coating applicators will help. The best part is that all these options are durable and keep your vehicle in good condition.

UV Color Stability

A UV stable coating is a coating that protects your vehicle’s underlying paint and material from the sun’s harmful effects. Scorpion coatings do so well in this regard.

There are two options when it comes to color stability: added-in and built-in stability. The latter is the best option, and this is what Scorpion uses.

In other words, Scorpion X02 is a unique polyurethane product resulting from aromantic, aliphatic, and acrylic chemistry processes. The result is an extremely strong product that’s easy to use and with high UV stability.


Another benefit of Scorpion bed liner is that it stays in place. The bed liner is designed to prevent cargo from sliding around your truck bed. This isn’t the case with other solutions, such as drop-in bed liners.


Scorpion coatings also come with a warranty. The warranty gives customers confidence that their investment is secure. Some of the things included in the warranty include:

  • No chipping
  • No cracking
  • No peeling
  • No fading or discoloration

These are important things that customers care about when shopping for the best bed liner coatings for their trucks. The warranty indicates our commitment to providing high-quality products that meet industry standards.

If a customer experiences material failure after buying Scorpion body liner or other coating products, they can return to the dealership to have the issue fixed. Of course, these instances are rare due to our commitment to providing high-quality and durable products.

Protect Your Vehicle with Scorpion Body Liner and Paint Coatings

Whether you’re looking for the toughest off-road paint protection or bed liner protection for your truck, Scorpion got your back. Our products are strong, tough, and durable to guarantee the best results for our clients.

And not just vehicle protection; contractors, manufacturers, and commercial industries across the United States and Canada rely on our products.

Scorpion XO2 is one of our bed liner products that offers tough and durable protection for your truck. The product is high-quality, cost-effective, and easy to use.

Customers can also choose our Gallon Kit Series, a great option for applicators due to its cost efficiency, size, and ease of use.

The 2 Gallon Kit Series is an addition to the XO2 lineup designed to provide applicators extra options. The most notable thing about this kit is that it’s sized for a specific application.

For example, you can get a 2G kit sized for a specific bed liner. This way, you don’t have to buy extra spray on bed liner than you need.

In addition, the 2G kit is pre-measured, meaning all you have to do is combine, mix and spray.

With this coating, you don’t have to fear where you drive your vehicle because it protects you from wear and tear caused by harsh elements.