Meet Scorpion Liners of Utah LLC

We are going to start a new feature where we get to meet some of our tremendously talented Scorpion installers. Today, those outstanding installers would be Brett & Heidi McColloch of Scorpion Liners of Utah LLC .

Fantastic custom color full-body exterior Jeep coatings by Scorpion Liners of Utah!

Q: How did you get started in this business?
A: We got started in the business by Brett just wanting to spray Scorpion in his own truck. He had seen another truck sprayed with Scorpion liner and said it was the best looking liner he’d ever seen. He couldn’t find a dealer, so he started looking online. He called Scorpion and got a hold of Korie and we ended up ordering a 3 kit package to do Brett’s Truck and our Son’s truck. He liked it so much we thought we could do this as a side deal… one or two trucks a week for some extra money. The rest is history. We are doing 1-2 trucks a day and now doing full sprays, Military Humvee’s, Trailers, you name it, we spray it!
Q: Tell me a little about your team at Scorpion Liners of Utah?
A: Our team consists of Brett, Heidi (myself), our Son Stetzen and two other employees.
Q: How long have you been using Scorpion products?
A: We have been spraying Scorpion since May of 2019
Q: What is your favorite thing about Scorpion XO2?
A: My favorite thing about Scorpion XO2 is how the texture comes out. It does not feel like sandpaper. It has a good texture, but not rough to the touch. Also the UV that keeps it shiny.
Q: Do you have a favorite project or a project that stands out in your eyes?
A: We have done so many different cool things, I couldn’t pick a favorite one. I love to see the full body sprays with the metal flake. They turn out so good!

Scorpion Bedliner is the most versatile bedliner on the market and can be color matched for Jeep coatings.

Q: Do you have any bits of advice that you would pass along to new installers?
A: My advice to new installers, is if you have questions, please reach out to Korie, or any other installer, they have little tricks of the trade that make things so much easier and we have learned from trial and error. What works the best and what doesn’t. We get at least 2-3 calls a month from other people asking questions, and we welcome it.
Q: Tell me a little about your involvement in your community and what it means to you.
A: We recently sprayed the bed and racks for a gentleman by the name of Bob Quick. He has had multiple heart surgeries and issues. He calls himself Forrest Gump on a bike. He is on Facebook at Bob Quick’s Journey . He is currently biking across America stopping at all the Fire Houses and first responders to talk and give thanks to them. Our Logo is the biggest sponsor Logo on his truck. So Scorpion Liners of Utah and Scorpion Coatings is traveling across America for all to see!

Bob’s Quick Journey

Q: Any other stories or info you would like to share?
A: I would like to thank Scorpion Coatings for all their help, especially Korie Wells; He is always willing to take our calls and help in any way he can. We have gone from the thought of making a few extra dollars a month to now having sprayed over 700 vehicles and being able to pass down a thriving business to our son Stetzen when he is ready.
Here at Scorpion HQ, we would love to take a moment to thank Scorpion Liners of Utah for your continued support in not only your own local community, but in our Scorpion community as well! We appreciate your dedication to this craft and helping newer installers with questions and making sure that what you’ve learned along the way is passed along to others! Keep making our product look amazing and spray on!! 😉🦂
If you are interested in becoming the next Scorpion installer for this feature, please email