Few things can beat the thrill of the open road. Taking on the road less traveled in your RV or travel trailer is the sort of escape that makes the weekday grind worthwhile.  But just like a rock star on tour far too long, the road can begin to take a toll on your RV. Racking up the miles can rack up the wear and tear with rock chips and, yes, those dreaded bug strikes.  A simple spray on coating of bed liner coating can make all the difference in preserving your weekend home on wheels to pristine condition.

Soon enough, your baby which you bought to make memories with the family, is manufacturing worries as the front of your RV or travel trailer starts to show the scars of life on the road. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What you need is good RV protection, and a spray-on coating is your best bet.

Not your Dad’s Truck Bed Liner

You’re probably thinking, a truck bed liner for RV protection? That’s not going to be a good look.  Well, it’s the same protective principle as a truck bed liner,  but that’s where the similarities end. There are spray-on liners used to protect the front and lower quarter of your RV that have a greater mechanical and chemical bond to the surface than ordinary truck bed liners.  Spray-on liners, as an RV protection option, will offer numerous positive effect on the long term condition.   You’ll have to travel really far to meet a bug that can beat that.

Once the impenetrable spray-on liner has dried, technicians can match it to the color of your vehicle. You won’t even know the RV protection is there…except you will because your RV will retain its good looks.

Keeping Cool and Dry

It’s not just the front end of your RV that needs some love. The roof is a broad surface that’s pummeled by the elements. Spray-on liner RV protection applied to the roof creates a further watertight seal and repels the sun’s fierce heat.  Apart from preserving your vehicle’s appearance, you’ll have a cooler interior thanks to the insulating effects of the spray-on RV roof coating.

You’ve put a lot of time and money into your RV so you probably want to keep it in good condition with RV roof coating. Spray-on liner RV protection is just the buffer you need between your trusty home-away-from home and the rigors of the outdoors. Easy to install and flexible, a spray-on liner as your trailer roof coating can take anything the road can throw at it.