RV Roof Coating

More than a Bed Liner


Bayouland RV. LLC got into business with Scorpion thinking that they would spray truck beds.  Their thought was that every vehicle that comes onto our lot to pick up and RV is a potential customer.  This is the same philosophy we have used with trailer dealers for nearly 20 years.  If someone is buying a trailer, they are driving a truck and that is a potential customer.


Like many of our customers, Vince Guarisco, owner of Bayouland RV, quickly learned that our coatings are so much more than a bed liner.  Versatility is king in our industry and Scorpion offers some of the most versatile available on the market.  

Versatility has been the calling card of Scorpion’s products for over 25 years.  Vince quickly imagined using our bed liner material to solve a common and big pain point for the RV’s…..leaking or dilapidated roofs.  


Another thing to consider about this application is color.  Most RV roofs will be white or light grey.  The purpose for this is heat rejection and absorption.   With a bed liner that can be mixed to any color you wish and you have versatility at your fingertips.  


With this being an ongoing problem in the industry, Vince has cornered the market in his area for this type of repair.  He is the go to expert and problem solver.  Word has spread and he has also become the go to guy for preventative steps.  Those that fear a problem such as this jump on in early and eliminate the possibility of it happening.  


Vince has authorized us to share his process.  It is quite simple and very profitable.  


RV Roof Repair Process:


1) Tears off existing rubber roof

2) Applies luan board or A-grade plywood to create new roof

3) Seal up all edges with Urethane Caulk if needed

4) Spray Coatings directly to the new wood floor


A rubber roof replacement cost approximately $300 per linear foot.  Vince is charge $155 per linear foot.  Making the process considerably more cost effective than the alternatives.  His coating cost is less than $50 per linear foot.  These numbers show he is making a good profit margin.