A new truck bed liner can create a sleek new look for your truck and add an incredible level of protection. Of course, pick-ups are made to take some damage, but unsightly scratches and dents age the truck very quickly and decrease its value. A new bed liner gives your truck the facelift it sorely needs and will help in preventing additional damage to your bed.

When considering a new bed liner, it is important that you know which option is best for your truck. Do you need it in order to haul a few items here and there? Or are you using your truck as a work vehicle and need to protect it from daily wear and tear? No matter what, a truck bed liner must be chosen wisely so the investment you make doesn’t turn into a lifetime of problems.

Scorpion spray on bedliners are made from the highest quality polyurethanes that not only look stylish, but are virtually impenetrable. Scorpion bed liners can be applied by a professional applicator or DIY by using the EG570 electric spray gun. When applied, Scorpion spray on coating seals every unseen crack and hole on the bed of your truck and repels moisture.

One very important thing to note is that moisture can be become a problem with drop-in bedliners and will get into the smallest cracks and corners and lead to rust. Rust is a silent killer that causes more damage to the bed of your truck than all the other nicks and dents that are already there.

Don’t let your truck turn out like this:

forgotten-rusty truck

For nearly 20 years, Scorpion has led the way in providing the highest quality truck bed liner known to man. We will continue doing so in order to provide our customers the highest quality, top-performing, and best looking protection for the beds of their trucks.

Don’t get stuck doing more damage to your truck by settling for a drop in liner. With applicators in all 50 states, our Scorpion dealers can help you pick out the bed liner that is perfect for you and your truck.

Contact us today with questions about our spray on coatings and other products.