Recreational Vehicles Protection

Spring has arrived in Canada and the Northern USA and that means camping season is about to start. This usually entails people opening up the RV or trailer and getting it ready to roll for a summer of fun.  That fun is short lived when they open up their unit and they notice that they have water damage from a leaking roof. Maybe they don’t likethe fact that the front of their RV is being sandblasted or peppered with rock chips from being driven down the road?

These are problems that all recreational vehicles face and finding a
solution that actually works can be very difficult. Most RV stores can
fix these issues but they want to charge customers an arm and a leg to
do it and in the end most of the time they are outsourcing the work to
an outside contractor anyways.

Then there’s the DIY option that the RV store will suggest but the
products they offer are sub-standard and rarely work. If they do work
they only last a short while and then the client is back to square one.
This is particularly true for the roof.

Scorpion XO2 gives you, the applicator, a protective coatings solution to offer your clients that face these issues with their RV’s. This also gives you another market to acquire business from that in our honest opinion is not being properly served. Take a look at these pictures of RV’s that have been protected by Scorpion XO2 and decide if you want a
piece of this huge market.