Getting an industrial quality truck bed liner can be a problem for most businesses. Unfortunately, there are some old ways of dealing with this problem that people still swear by. Of course, old school methods might not work so well, for if they did, wouldn’t the problem be solved once and for all? Rather than beating a dead horse yet another time, here’s an economical look at an industrial quality solution for that age-old problem.

The Problem: Drop In Bedliner

You’ve probably considered or even tried drop-in bedliners in order to protect your investment.

dodge ram bedliner

As you’ve already figured out; although they protect your truck bed from getting scratched up too much, they are ill fitting at best. This bad fit causes the liner to trap moisture underneath and makes the truck bed rust out way before its time.

The Solution: Spray on Bedliner

Per our website: “In exact coating terms, Scorpion XO2 is an acrylic-reinforced, aliphatic, aromatic polyurethane.” Not only will applying Scorpion X02 extend the usable life of your truck bed, in most cases, it’s a much more economical solution. In addition, when it’s time for you to sell off your vehicle, the spray on liner will actually increase the resale value considerably.

The secret is having a nearly impenetrable polyurethane liner sprayed inside your truck bed. Not only will this prevent moisture from creeping in between and rusting out the truck prematurely, it just looks better and more professional. You’ve worked hard to build your image, so there’s no sense in letting a poor bed liner application take that down a notch or two.

Although spray on truck bed liners have been around for a while, vast improvements have been made in the materials used for this purpose. Not only do today’s materials offer even more protection against gouges and scratches than the traditional, black, off-the-shelf bed liners, they are much less abrasive (safer) and also come in a wide variety of colors.

The color matching ability of the new spray-in truck bed liners serves to compliment your company’s logo and vehicle’s color scheme. This extra attention of “branding” your company in your customer’s mind will solidify your credibility and could also play a hand in helping you generate more business.

scorpion truck

As you can see, finding a quality solution to the age-old problem of protecting your vehicle with a quality truck bed liner has been solved with X02. As well, this leap in technology helps you retain the professional image you’ve worked hard to build in your customer’s eyes. Contact Scorpion and let us show you all the ways we can help you build your business.