Commercial/Industrial Applications

Protective coatings are most commonly known for being used as truck bed liners.  Other industries have found many uses for a polyurea coating.  

Major players?


  • EMS
  • Fire Truck
  • Military
  • Service Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Agriculture
  • Marine


These industries have found many reasons and uses for protective coatings.  Many of the applications will be decided because they need abuse protection.

Other time it may be:

  • -non-skid
  • -chemical barrier
  • -water barrier
  • -UV stability
  • -weather proofing
  • -fire retardant
  • -anti microbial

No matter the reason, a quality protective coating can serve all the above mentioned purposes. 

In some cases it will serve multiple reasons. Manufacturing partners are looking for a product they can trust and is easy to deliver the finished product. They want ease of application in there assembly process.  It only takes one problem to halt the assemble line and cause major back.  Dependability is key.  A product that performs on time with a known outcome is priceless. 

Our philosophy is that if we can deliver a quality coating product that performs to expectations,  our partners will be happy.  If your product is trusted by manufacturers of EMS and fire truck, that is great testimonial.  If it is strong enough for their customers, then it is surely strong enough for your truck bed.    


Scorpion has been in the coatings business since 1996.  We have developed partners around the world in all of these industries.  Some of the finest manufacturers in the world call Scorpion its partner. We supply a quality product at an affordable price to that they know they can count on.