When applying a protective coating to any surface, the proper steps must be followed to ensure proper adhesion and performance.  Of all the metals or substrates to work with, aluminum protective coating can be the most challenging.

Scorpion’s XO2 is a great product to protect an aluminum surface!

  • Clean thoroughly with acetone.
  • Scratch the surface with 60-80 grit sand paper.
  • Clean thoroughly with acetone.


Aluminum Primers

Scorpion has tested and recommends either of these primers which are rated for aluminum.


  • -DuPont, Variprime 615S
  • -PPG, DP 40
  • -SEM, Metalock


Once the aluminum primer has been applied, follow manufacturer’s recommendation before top coating with Scorpion 8001 adhesion promoter.

Allow the 8001 adhesion promoter primer to tack for 10 minutes before spraying Scorpion XO2 protective coating.


Successful application to aluminum requires attention to detail.  Follow these steps and your application will be a success.

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