Durability, protection, strength.    These are qualities you may be seek when considering using military protective coatings for your vehicle, home or business.

Anywhere and Everywhere

Polyurethane coatings offer protection against extreme weather, heavy use and potential impact.   They have a tremendous range of applications.

  • Protective coatings have become popular for pick-up truck beds, wheel wells, running boards and cargo van interiors.
  • Boat hulls, cargo holds and decks will lasts longer if treated with military protection coatings.   Personal water craft and motorcycles also can be protected with these coatings.
  • Polyurethane coatings can be found on farms and ranches where they are applied to trailers, equipment and grain silos.
  • Commercial application of protective coatings can include signage, store fronts, work tables and storage cabinets.
  • Protective coatings can be found around the home on patio furniture, fencing, outdoor decks and sheds.
  • Military protective coatings have many uses in industrial settings as they are used to protect pipes, wall mounts, storage areas and dump trucks.
  • The application of  polyurethane coatings in manufacturing is as unlimited as the imagination and creativity of the product producers.   Protective coatings can be applied to a number of products and it may be in the manufacturers’ benefit to consider this option as it may be an added incentive to buyers.

Making Protective Coating

Military protective coatings are produced by combining three components. The first component allows for flexibility in the compound. The second compound is added to provide durability and heat resistance. The third component is the chain extender which is a chemical that acts to cross link the other components. Color tints may be added that can vary according to the anticipated use of the product.

Polyurethane primers can simplify two component compounds that are applied prior to the application of the protective coatings.   Primers will promote adhesiveness and provide anti-corrosion protection.

Advances in protective coating technology have improved the drying times of the polyurethane mixture and subsequently lessens downtime for the vehicles, structures and equipment being treated.   Drying time of the compound has been reduced by new application techniques that employ high pressure at increased temperatures.   This process allows the mixtures to dry faster and reduces downtime of the surface being treated.

Serving Our Nation

Military protective coatings have a great any uses in our nation’s armed force as they can reduce the force of explosive impact.   Humvees and ballistic vests are two common uses along wit the decks of ships and submarines.    Flight simulators, storage facilities and helicopter landing pads are military and civilian uses for polyurethane coatings.

Enhance Your Business

Military protective coatings have a wide, growing range of applications.

  • If you operate a business that specializes in automotive after-market products, adding protective coating for bed liners and other vehicle parts can generate income.
  • Servicing heavy construction equipment is another business that can increase sales by offering protective coatings.
  • Retail, restaurant or food service providers are another avenue of income for a company offering polyurethane applications.
  • Factories and and other manufacturing facilities can benefit by having protective coatings on machinery and other systems within the plant.

Protective coatings offer a way for a business to extend the life span of their equipment and facilities.   By offering this vital service, your own company can continue to grow.