Is a truck bed as tough as it used to be?


In the old days, truck beds seemed to take almost any level of abuse you could throw at it.  With or with out a bed liner, it could take it.


Is it the same today?


We have all see those Chevrolet commercials where a tool box is drop in the bed of an aluminum body Ford and punctures a hole!  While I do not know that I entirely believe this, the aluminum body does not seem to take the same level of abuse.


SOLUTION…….. Scorpion Bed Liners!


Scorpion Truck Bed Liners has stood the test of 20+ years in the industry.


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For those who use their truck as a work vehicle, protecting the truck bed is absolutely imperative not only to the aesthetic of the vehicle, but more importantly, to its functional longevity. A specially-formulated, tried and true bed-liner will help prevent scratches in the paint that would otherwise allow rust to form. Liner can also absorb some of the damage inflicted when objects impact the truck’s bed, preventing dents.


Do It Right, The First Time

When looking for truck bed liners, you’ll find that there are a number of options. Some companies sell pre-formed liners that are meant to fit snugly into the truck bed, while others offer spray-on versions. Pre-formed liners may seem easier, but in reality, they aren’t as good as the spray-on types. This is because they often don’t fit nearly as snugly as they claim to. Even a tiny gap between the liner and bed will allow rain and humidity to get in, and once there, the moisture will sit trapped, causing more damage than had the bed remained un-lined, free to breathe.

Spray-on liners don’t present this potential problem, offering protection to your truck bed that fits like a second skin over your vehicle. Scorpion’s truck bed liners are applied directly to the truck bed in the form of liquid resin. This creates a perfectly airtight seal between the truck bed and the liner, leaving no room for rain or other water to get in. A spray-on liner will last for years, and because of the perfect seal, you’ll never have to worry about rust forming.

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