Commercial High Pressure Programs

Scorpion has a program for every size and type of customer. Scorpion High Pressure Coating Systems are built around the best polyurea coatings and are applied using plural-component proportioner systems (commonly known as pump systems). This equipment is easy to use, rugged, reliable and easy to maintain. The Scorpion “Quick Dry” Formulations are tack free in as little as 6 seconds, contain zero VOCs, and are 100% solids.


All of Scorpion High Pressure Programs are built custom for every individual customer.

Scorpion offers our Quick Dry Formulations in two varieties, Aromatic and Aliphatic. Aromatic formulations have a tack free time of 6 seconds and a tensile strength of 2900 psi while the Aromatic formulation has a tack free time of 45 seconds and a tensile strength of 2500 psi. The main difference between the two formulations are UV stability. The aliphatic formulation has an excellent UV rating whereas the aromatic has a good rating.

Custom High Pressure Packages

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– Aliphatic or Aromatic Quick Dry Formulations
– Volume of Material – Sold in 110 Gallon Sets or 10 Gallon Sets
– High Pressure Plural Component Proportioning System (pump system if needed)
– Marketing Materials

Is this Program Right For Me?

Every applicator is unique and knowing which program will address their needs best is what we excel at. The Scorpion High Pressure Programs are designed for users that will be turning a higher volume of jobs on a regular basis. If you are spraying less than 20 trucks a month or equivalent material volume than this is probably not the best program for you. This is because of the investment in the pump system. These systems can be expensive but to the applicator pushing higher volumes, speed becomes the deciding factor.

Batch mix systems such as XO2 are mixed in small volume batches. This requires you to mix, spray, mix, spray in a cycle whereas the high pressure pump systems do all the metering and mixing for you. You simply pull the trigger and go. So the trade-off for the higher investment into a pump system is speed and we know time is money.



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