Automotive Based Programs

Congratulations! You just took your first step toward bettering your automotive based business.

Program Analysis

Scorpion Programs are designed around two things: Volume and Annual Sales & Profits. To help you decide what type of program is a good fit for your business, you need to have these two numbers in mind. In an automotive based business, think about volume as trucks you can spray each month. Take a look at the scenarios below.

We are here to help you too. Contact one of our sales consultants and they will show you a detailed year 1 business plan that will show you the best plan just for you.

Figure out which program is right for you

Fulfillment Programs

Trucks Per Month Range: 1-4

Yearly Sales Range: $5k-$19K

The Fulfillment Program were designed for businesses wanting to get started with Scorpion. If you think that you could spray around 3 trucks per month (less than 1 truck per week), and you want to increase your sales around $15K then this is the program for you. Learn more about the Scorpion Fulfillment Program.



DSP Programs

Trucks Per Month Range: 4-44

Yearly Sales Range: $20k-$200K+

The DSP Programs (Dealer Start-Up) were designed to offer businesses a complete program that includes products, tools, training, and marketing all in one package. This is a great option for those businesses wanting to maximize their opportunity with Scorpion with a minimal investment. There are a range of DSP Programs to choose depending on yearly sales numbers ($20K to $200K+) and truck application ranges from 4 to 44 trucks per month.


DSP Programs

High Pressure Programs

Trucks Per Month Range: 20-60

Yearly Sales Range: $95K-$250K+

Scorpion’s High Pressure Programs are based around high pressure polyurea pump systems. While these systems carry a larger cost to start, they increase your ability to spray more volume which in turn equals more sales. This is a great option for larger operations that will spray 20-60 trucks per month and businesses looking to expand their sales $95K to $250K+ per year.


HP Programs

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