Scorpion XO2 Truck Bed Liner and Industrial Coatings

Scorpion XO2 is a patented polyurethane coating system that is designed for tough, durable protection originally designed for the truck bed liner market.  This “bed liner” system has since been adapted to fulfill the needs of countless manufacturing and industrial companies.  The polyurethane coating system was designed to be easy to use with simple, cost effective equipment.

The XO2 material is a chemically engineered product that uses the best characteristics of polyurethane (aliphatic aromatic blend polyurethane has incredible strength) and when combined with our patented acrylics blend, adds ease of application and UV stability.  The Scorpion X02 polyurethane coating system can be batch mixed in any quantity and yields excellent abrasion resistance, hight tensile strength, and superior elongation and tear properties.  Scorpion XO2 polyurethane coating performs exceptionally well in virtually all production, weather and chemical environments.

Low equipment and coating cost, along with unequaled performance, makes Scorpion XO2 one of the most desirable protective coating products in the world.

Scorpion polyurethane coatings are sold in various quantities which we call kits.

– Pneumatic Spray Gun – 2.5 Gallon Unit
– Pneumatic Spray Gun – 1.5 Gallon Unit
– Mini-Hopper for Pneumatic Spray Guns
– Electric Spray Gun – 1 Gallon Units
– Cup Brush – 4″ or 6″ (prep tool)

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