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Scorpion offers a complete line of products for our batch mix system – XO2

XO2 Truck Bed Liner – Industrial Coating

Scorpion XO2 is a three component, batch-mixed polyurethane coating system designed to be easy to apply, tough and UV resistant.

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Scorpion has 12 standard colors that can be used to tint XO2. Our truck bed liner and industrial coating can also be custom tinted using automotive tints that can be picked up at your local paint supplier.

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Prime Bond Cleaner

Scorpion Prime Bond Cleaner is a high-quality pre-paint cleaner used to clean surfaces prior to application of 8001 Adhesion Promoter and XO2. It is sold in quart and gallon quantities. Comes with mist sprayer(s).

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8001 Adhesion Promoter

8001 Adhesion Promoter is a high-quality product that promotes adhesion of XO2 to surfaces. Each quart comes with 2 mist sprayers. A quart will cover approximately 8 trucks and is sold in quarts and gallon quantities.

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DTM Etching Primer

This is a 2 component etching primer for adhering XO2 to specific bare metals and steel. Make sure that you consult a Scorpion Technical Support Representative to be sure that DTM or any self-etching primer is rated for that type of metal. Sold in A/B matching quarts and mixed at a ratio of 1:1.

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Al’s Liner LMR

LMR stands for lecithin mold release. This is a paintable mold release ideal for non-stick (release) applications or used primarily with Scorpion to coat the interior of the Scorpion Spray Gun and Hopper prior to use. It will prevent the material from sticking which will shorten cleanup time. Sold as a 12 oz. can.

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Rubber Crumb

Scorpion Rubber Crumb is just that. It is recycled ground rubber granules that can be added to Scorpion XO2 to extend coverage and improve the surface grip. It is used when you want to gain more surface texture but a surface texture that is not abrasive. To use, mix up to 80 oz. per 5 quarts XO2 mix. It is available in several colors including: Black, Red, Gray, Green, Blue, and Beige (all colors other than black are special order).

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Gripper Granules

This is another texture additive that increases surface texture. Gripper Granules are hard coal slag granules added to XO2 mix to create extreme grip. It is an ideal additive for loading ramps, step bumpers, etc. It is sold in 5 gallon quantities.

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Vinyl Flattener

Scorpion Vinyl Flattener is a powder additive that removes the shine and increases the hardness of Scorpion XO2. To use, add approximately 1 quart per large mixed batch of Scorpion XO2. Sold in 1 and 5 gallon quantities.

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XO2 Accelerator

Used to accelerate the set time of Scorpion XO2. It is used by experienced applicators and/or in cold weather conditions. When it is used it will decrease XO2 pot life by 50%. Consult Scorpion Technical Support before use.

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Metal Flake

Scorpion Metal Flake is a color additive that is added as a topcoat layer to give XO2 a custom look. These are brilliant, tiny metal flakes that will add a sparkle to the finish of XO2. Max use is 4 oz. per 6 foot truck bed. Ask your Scorpion Technical Consultant for more information about Scorpion Metal Flake. It comes in several colors including: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver.

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