An Inside Look with Pro-Fisherman Freddy Roman

Q & A with Freddy Roman

We are lucky to meet so many extraordinarily skilled people in our profession and Pro Fisherman Freddy Roman is exactly that! Join Scorpion Protective Coatings as we sit down with Freddy Roman as he shares his insight on how he turned his passion for fishing into more than just a hobby.

Question: How did you get started in this profession?

Answer: I fished saltwater for many years while I lived in NYC out of a 22-foot center console. In 2001, after 911, I sold my home and moved out to the mountains of Pennsylvania.  That’s when I started freshwater fishing. I started tournament fishing with a local club, then moved up to some regional and BASS Opens.


Question: Who were/are some of your fishing heroes?

Answer: Some of my heroes are the old school guys like Jimmy Houston and Roland Martin. Back in the 90’s I corresponded with them after meeting them at a sports show, they were very knowledgeable and approachable.


Question: What is your favorite fish to fish for fun & for tournaments?

Answer: Well, for fun there is no better fish than the fight crazy smallmouth bass, that’s definitely my favorite!  But for tournaments you want the bigger, heavier, lazy largemouth bass since weight counts in tournaments.


Question: What’s the biggest fish that you have ever caught and what is the story behind it?

Answer: I’ve caught various species that were considered trophy size, but my personal best smallmouth was 7lbs 2oz, caught this fall in Lake Ontario out of Henderson Bay; which bested my old personal best of 6lbs 12oz. My best musky was 49”, which I caught while bass fishing in the spring on a Lake in NJ using a jerk bait on 10lb test and medium tackle. I was lucky to land it, (as it) barely fit in the net! My best largemouth was 8lbs 2oz, also caught in a lake in NJ.


Question: What do you love most about fishing?

Answer: I think I enjoy the peace and tranquility when I’m on the water, being I’ve lived most of my life in the center of the craziness of NYC. Also, the friendships made, and of course the competitive nature of the sport.


Question: What was your favorite tournament that you have been a part of?

Answer: My favorite tournaments have always been the club tournaments; more fun and less tension, if you know what I mean.


Question: Where is your favorite place to fish and why?

Answer: Lake Ontario, hands down! I’ve caught my best smallmouth (bass) out of that fishery.


Question: Do you have any fishing superstitions?

Answer: Not really, I’ve caught fish while eating a banana so I’m not into “NO BANANAS” in the boat which is a big no-no to some angers!


Question: Do you have any advice that you would give to someone hoping to get into fishing competitively?

Answer: The best advice is to join a local club, and remember you never lose, you either win or you learn.


Question: Do you have any favorite lures/bait/tackle?

Answer: My favorite lure is a swimbait and a tube; both can be fished in a variety of ways.


Question: Do you have any favorite gear? Rod, Reel, etc.?

Answer: I just hooked up with Piscifun Fishing and find their gear to be exceptional and priced right. It won’t break the bank but still has the quality you expect. Seaguar Invizx is my line of choice, and I’ve tried many! I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to align with some amazing companies like Piscifun, Seaguar, Picasso Lures, Keitech, Solar Bat Sunglasses, Skirmish Baits, StormR, The Rod Glove and Get Bit Baits to name a few.


Question: What products do you use to protect your gear and/or boat?

Answer: A few months ago, I got the opportunity to try some new products from Scorpion Protective Coatings and I am impressed! Two products in particular, REEL MAXX ceramic protection spray, I have found to be the ultimate in rod and reel protection. The other is Scorpion Ceramix RENU, that I used on my truck and boat. It’s an ALL IN ONE ceramic coating product that I have absolutely learned to depend on to protect my truck and boat.


Question: Are there any fishing goals you are still wanting to meet?

Answer: My fishing Goals are simply to fish as much as I can, being I’m 71 years old, fishing keeps me young at heart and physically active.


Thanks Freddy, for taking the time to sit down with us here at Scorpion Protective Coatings and get a little more insight into the passion that drives your fishing journey! We wish you luck and many more “Big One’s” to add to the roster. Good Fishing and Tight Lines!

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