Vinyl Liner Paint

The Summer swim season is wrapping up and now is good time to start planning the off-season improvements you want for next season.  You want your pool to be ready once the swim begins next year and planning ahead will ensure that happens!

Long lasting


Looks great

Before you despair, keep reading because there is a solution.

Polyurea or Polyurethane Pool Liners.

For many years polyurea and polyurethane have been used for truck bed liners. I’m sure you’ve seen this or may even have had it applied to your truck. It has also been used for heavy duty industrial applications like pipelines and chemical storage containers.

Both these products are highly durable, flexible and UV resistant. They can bond to virtually any surface and will flow to fill cracks to form a perfectly sealed surface that can endure all weather conditions. They contain no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) so it’s completely safe for use as swimming pool liner.

Benefits of using Polyurea or Polyurethane

No long-term maintenance costs.

UV resistant.

Contains no VOCs.

Flexible and won’t crack over time.

Can be textured to provide a non-slip surface.

Easy to clean and will not stain.

Easy to apply and dries quickly.

A pool liner that will look great for years

You can add pigment to the coating, so you can have virtually any color that you can think of. One application will give you a pool liner that will look fantastic and will not crack or fade over time. Even with a textured non-slip surface, it is smooth enough to be brushed off to leave a perfectly clean pool. There will be no stains or algae collecting on your pool liner.

Saves you time and money

Think about how much of your hard earned cash you’ve had to fork out on pool liners and repairs. Now think how wonderful it would be to apply a coating once that will probably last you for the rest of your life. No more crack repairs or draining the pool to scrub it down with harsh chemicals to remove stains and algae.


No matter how cold the weather, the pool liner will remain in perfect condition. It won’t deteriorate in the sun, even if the pool stands empty for any length of time. There really is no other product that can compare and over the years it will save you both dollars and time.