Like many business owners, you may find that there are times when things come to a standstill. Work comes in slowly and turnover drops. This makes meeting your fixed overhead costs extremely stressful. You want to generate more business and have a more constant workflow. If you’ve found yourself in this position, you’ll find this article very useful. Normally when we think of generating more business, we consider increasing our advertising or in some cases, opening a new branch that will bring in extra revenue. When you look at it prudently, you’ll see that this is a risky approach. Increasing your advertising is going to cost more and there is no guarantee that it will bring in the business required to cover these costs. Expanding your existing premises or opening another branch is even riskier. This requires a large capital outlay and you will be increasing your overheads by employing more staff, additional utility bills and the like. If this decision doesn’t result in a substantial increase in turnover, you’ll be in a worse position than before.

This leaves you with one crucial question….

How do I increase my business, without increasing my overheads? The answer is quite simple: Generate new markets using your existing skills set. In the spraying business, your best move is to invest in a mobile spray rig. This will take some capital investment, but you will reap the rewards in no time.

Generating New Customers With a Mobile Spray Rig

If you’re running a spray shop, your customer base will be mainly vehicles.You could well have some customers in the manufacturing industry who need other products sprayed, but in the end, your customers have to come to you. This limits your customer base and means that you’re missing out on a wide range of new opportunities.

Polyurea and polyurethane make ideal floor coatings. For many factories and workshops, this is the best solution for hard working areas. The durability that it offers as a truck bed liner is just as effective in other areas. This is not only a solution for industrial customers and it works just as well for a domestic garage floor.

There are a number of uses for spray foam in the construction industry from expansion gaps to waterproofing. This is a large market with an almost endless demand.

These coatings are also used for liquid storage reservoirs and are particularly sought after for chemical storage. So with these applications alone, you will open up many new opportunities.

Now you can look at expanding your revenue from truck bed liners. For fleet owners, it can be highly beneficial for you to come to them. The time and cost it takes for a business to get all their trucks to you, is more than inconvenient, it affects their bottom line. If you offer to come to them, you’ll have a major advantage over your competitors.

How does a mobile spray rig work?

A mobile spray rig is a self-contained unit with its own power supply, compressor and all the equipment that you need in a sealed environment. It provides storage areas for material and a work area for smaller jobs.

You can get them in various sizes and they can either come in the form of a trailer or a standing unit that can be transported on the back of a flatbed truck.  You choose the size and design that suits your needs and budget. You will have all the equipment that you need to provide a professional spray service anywhere in one complete unit.