Pick Scorpion for the Best Truck Bed Liner

Best Spray-On Truck Bed Liners

Thousands of pickup trucks are sold every day in the US and worldwide. While some of these trucks come with a standard bed liner feature, most do not. If you own a truck and are looking for the best way to protect your bed’s surface, you have come to the right post. Here we look at the best spray-on truck bed liners.

A pickup truck is capable of hauling many things, including equipment, tools, dirt, toys, and various other things. However, you might notice that your truck does not look as it used to be after some time. Typically, damages start to show in the form of scratches, dents, paint cracks, bumps, etc., but they get bigger with time.

While these wear and tear signs will not impact the overall truck’s performance, it is paramount to maintain the truck for optimal performance and an extended life span. Proper truck maintenance ensures that the truck is not overexposed to external elements that cause peeling of the paint job and rust.

Top Spray-on Bed Liner from Scorpion

Scorpion is a market leader in protective coatings and truck bed liners. Having been in operation since 1996, Scorpion prides itself of great experience in truck bed liner application.

Whether you are looking for spray-on protective lining for Jeeps, trucks, trailers, RVs, or emergency vehicles, Scorpion bed liner coatings got you covered. We provide the toughest and most durable bed liner coatings on the market to ensure you get value for your money. That said, here are the Scorpion’s bed liner coatings options to consider:

Scorpion XO2 Truck Bed Liner

Scorpion XO2 is ideal for you if you are looking for a tough, durable truck bed liner. This patented polyurethane coating system is easy to use with simple equipment although many manufacturing and industrial companies already use it.

The polyurethane alongside patented acrylics blend makes our XO2 material strong and adds UV stability. It is abrasion-resistant and protects from tear properties. The best part is that this coating performs well in all environments.

2 Gallon Kit Series

2 Gallon Kit is a Scorpion XO2 kit lineup created to offer more options for applicators. It comes at a smaller size and cost and is easy to use. The best part about the two-gallon kit is that it is created for a specific application. For instance, if you want to spray a bed liner, you don’t need to order more than you need—you only order the right size for the job at hand.

Ideally, two-gallon kits are pre-measured to make it easier to mix and spray. The process is straightforward.

45 Gallon Kit

This Scorpion kit comes in handy if you want coatings in large applications. 45 Gallon kits come with enough EO2 material to cover 16 truck beds applications. You may want to buy this kit if you need coatings for significant volumes of applications and want to save on material and shipping costs.

Large Volume Kits

Scorpion offers Big Kits for large projects in 99, 450, and 900-gallon quantities. Big Kits are ideal for industrial-strength protection.

Why Choose a Spray-On Bed Liner?

Spray-on bed liners come with many benefits, including:

UV Protection

Harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your truck, especially if you live in areas that experience extreme temperatures. Ideally, long-term exposure to UV rays can cause your truck to wear out. It will crack your paint job and cause fading.

A high-quality spray-on bed liner will protect your truck from UV rays. Scorpion spray-on bed liners can protect about 80% of UV rays to ensure your truck remains in good condition.

Custom Fit to Protect Against Environmental Elements

Spray-on bed liner completely coats the truck’s surface to create an air and watertight seal that protects from heat, UV rays, moisture, and other environmental aggressors.

Unlike carpeting or other bed liners that allow dirt and water to get their way underneath them, spray-on bed liners offer complete protection against environmental agents. Another benefit of spray-on bed liners is that applicators don’t need to measure the bed’s dimensions to get the perfect fit.

The best part is that a spray-on bed liner allows for color customization. Besides the basic black, you can customize your bed liner to match the truck’s paint color.

Preserve the Condition of the Bed

Your truck will look less attractive as you use it. A high-quality bed liner will take the brunt of the impact to maintain the condition of the metal underneath.

Corrosion is another culprit that can damage your truck. When metal is exposed to air and moisture for a long time, it corrodes. This will damage your truck surface and ultimately reduce your vehicle’s value.

Scorpion spray-on bed liner creates a safe surface to prevent damage to your truck when hauling things and prevent exposure to elements that cause rust.

Low Maintenance

Perhaps one of the benefits of spray-on bed liner is that it is maintenance-free. Unless your bed liner gets damaged (which is rare), spray-on bed liner comes with long-term convenience. The case is different for traditional bed liners as you need to check for signs of damage and rust constantly.

The custom fit of spray-on bed liners means you don’t need to worry about corrosion to the metal underneath. This will significantly reduce the need to repair the truck.

Additionally, cleaning a spray-on bed liner is more convenient than cleaning a drop-in liner that usually needs removing, scrubbing, and hosing down and then waiting to dry to place them back into the truck bed. Polyurethane spray-on liners only need to be hosed off.

The best part is that spray-on liners are durable and are unlikely to become warped, requiring replacement.


Don’t worry if your spray-on liner sustains significant damage and needs repairing, as spray-on liners are repairable in a pinch. Scorpion can repair all sprayed-on liners to make them look great again.

Great Appearance

Looks matter too when it comes to bed liners. Luckily, spray-on bed liners have a smooth finish, giving them a cool look.

Besides the cool appearance, Scorpion spray-on liners create a tight seal that helps reduce road noise. They absorb road noise and other distractions to give a pleasant driving experience.

How to Choose a Spray-On Bedliner?

A spray-on bed liner is a liquid applied to the truck surface through spraying to achieve a protective and seamless coating. This coating protects the surface from scratches, UV rays, and other visible damage. However, you won’t achieve these benefits if you don’t choose the best spray-on liner for your car surface. Here are the things to keep in mind when choosing spray-on bed liners:

Types of Spray-on Bed liners

Spray-on bed liners are generally categorized into two: Aliphatic and aromatic.


The main difference between spray-on bed liners is the quality. Aliphatic spray-on liners come in higher quality than other types, mainly due to the pigmentation in the spray formula. Ideally, this pigmentation helps block harmful UV rays that cause color fading when a truck is exposed to sunlight for a long time. Aliphatic spray-on liners last longer and help preserve the look and longevity of your truck surface.


Aromantic spray-on liners are an excellent choice if looking for a more affordable liner. However, a lower price tag also means less longevity and protection. It fades easily and may require a reapply. Aromantic spray-on liner is a great voice for a truck you don’t plan to keep for a long time.


One of the things to consider when buying spray-on liners is what other users say about a particular product. Reviews help determine how one product is better than a competitor’s product. Paying much attention to the reviews people share about a product will help determine what to expect from a bed liner.


One of the selling points of spray on bed liners is their durability. Scorpion bed liner successfully passes this test as it can stay on your truck surface for many years. It is fade-resistant, meaning it can withstand exposure to the sun and other environmental agents. It is also peel, stain, and dust resistant for optimal results.

Ease of Use

The best thing about the Scorpion bed liner is that its application process is easy. If you follow the steps provided, our DIY task is relatively straightforward. This is something to remember when choosing a spray-on liner product—is it user-friendly? The product must come with detailed instructions on how to use it and the necessary tools to increase the chances of achieving the expected results.


The amount of bed liner coating you need is crucial to consider. The right bed liner amount will depend on the size of your application surface—don’t buy more than you need to minimize your costs.


Another thing to consider is what is included in the spray on the bed liner product. Is it the bed liner only, or are there other products like an applicator and gritting paper? The latter option is the best as you won’t incur any additional costs.

Color Compatibility

Last but not least, consider your truck color. Choose a color that matches the color of your truck. However, avoid over application as this might lead to a darker color than it should.

Wrapping Up

Spray-on bed liners are an excellent investment for truck owners. Scorpion XO2 spray-on bed liner is the best option to protect your truck from scratches, rust, and corrosion. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Scorpion spray-on bed liner coatings, contact us today, and we’ll help you out.