When looking for a truck bed liner, it is easy to get the impression that there are plenty on the market to chose from. However, not every truck bed coating spray is the same and they are certainly not created equal in terms of application, dependability and longevity. Getting the right truck liner can make the difference between adding something of value to the vehicle or just adding a coating for looks. Scorpion protective products are formulated and engineered to have superior performance in protection, longevity and easy application, all of which add value to a project. While there are other materials on the market, none have the quality and performance as a Scorpion Protective Coating.


Application Possibilities Automotive 

  •  Truck Bed Liners
  •  Wheel Wells
  •  Rocker Panels
  •  Firewall
  •  Frames
  •  Side Steps
  •  Grille/Brush Guards
  •  Interior Floors
  •  Tool Boxes
  •  Bumpers
  •  Rock Guards

Protecting Performance

The Scorpion Bed Liner and Industrial Coating, named X02, was formulated and engineered, over a period of two years, in the labs of several major universities, The result was a blend of acrylics and aliphatic, aromatic, polyurethane, that when combined produce a high strength, super resilient coating for a wide range of applications. Designed to offer performance over a wide range of circumstances, including extreme environments, the Scorpion X02, is impact resistant, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant and impervious to water. All of this performance is why Scorpion is a world class leader in spray in liners. For a truck bed coating spray, there is no performance alternative to Scorpion X02 truck bed liner and it’s many alternative uses.

A Cost Effective Coating Solution

Besides superior performance, the other aspect that sets Scorpion X02 from other truck liners and coatings is the cost effective, application methodology that allows to on the go adjustments to be made to the coating. Often, spray in truck liners are pre-mixed solutions that do not offer the potential to adjust the coating based on topography and other factors. Scorpion X02 is applied using a batch process that can be mixed in any quantity and adjusted for color, drying time, texture and more. This also means that the application equipment does not have to be specialized to perform specifically with Scorpion X02, providing a cost effective application solution in terms of both equipment costs and coating costs. In addition, X02 can be applied in different environments including production and chemical environments.

The fact that Scorpion products offer superior performance and cost effective solutions, clearly answers the question as to why go Scorpion tough for a bed liner. Easy to apply in a wide range of applications and environments while offering superior performance characteristics, is why Scorpion coating products are among the top class coatings available world wide. When selecting a truck liner, it is better to have one that offers performance and creates value than one that will only fade and crack in short order.