Offroad Coatings for Jeeps and Trucks

Protecting the underside of your Jeep or truck is paramount even on your daily driver. This is especially important if you take your Truck, Jeep, or 4×4 off-road, as your bumpers are likely to take some serious hits.

Most worn-out vehicles you see lying around started getting rust in the underbelly of the truck. Areas of vehicles that aren’t well-protected or have poor coatings are at risk of breaking down from driving year after year. While driving over stuff is fun, it is important to know that rock chips, trees, and brushes are likely to damage your car over time.

While no coating can withstand damages from extreme conditions when off-roading, some coatings provide better protection than others. Read along to learn more about offroad coatings for Jeeps and Trucks.

How Can Off-roading Damage Your Jeep or Truck?

Different kinds of damage can be inflicted on your off-road vehicle. As such, driving offroad requires more than fueling your Jeep or Truck and hitting the road. From high-speed racing to rock-crawling, different types of off-road driving require unique preparations.

Scratches from tree branches are not the only damages you can experience when it comes to off-road damage. Sand and silt can also pose a threat to your vehicle, especially if there is a strong wind gust. Besides damages to your vehicle exterior, sand and silt can damage key engine components, including air filters.

The belly of your truck is also at risk of damage when off-roading. While the undercoating of your vehicle will protect your 4×4 belly from damages caused by small debris, it might not withstand a hard hit from a large object.

Rugged Exterior Coatings for Your Jeep or Truck

The need to coat the exterior of your Jeep or Truck cannot be overstated. You can protect your Truck or Jeep by using a bed liner style coating. The best thing about this coating is that it lasts longer and offers an excellent opportunity to avoid spending a lot of money to restore your vehicle.

However, like anything else, this coating comes with some disadvantages. For instance, since this is a thick coating, it isn’t easy to have a stunning finish as the coatings pull down during the application. Another downside is that most bed liners are not UV stable, meaning your vehicle will fade after some time.

Besides those downsides, bed liner coatings are durable and will protect against paint scratches caused by rock chips, trees, or scratches when washing your Jeep after playing in the mud. 

The benefits and challenges of bedliner coatings have led to the creation of rugged Kevlar coatings to protect Jeeps and Trucks from scratches and damage. Besides protecting nature’s elements, Kevlar Jeep coatings give your vehicle an appealing look. Ideally, Kevlar coatings use state-of-the-art technology advances in bed liner applications.

This exterior coating is durable and protects your vehicle exterior from damage. More specifically, these coatings ensure that you enjoy your off-road expeditions without the risk of damage from dirt, rock, and dust as you explore nature. It provides a strong finish that ensures that your vehicle is scratch-resistant and protects against dents from extreme Mother Nature conditions.

The best part is that rugged exterior coatings come in a wide range of colors to give your vehicle a customized appearance. What’s more, unlike other paint jobs, Kevlar coating will not fade or peel over time as it is UV stable.

Offroad Ceramic Coatings for Jeep and Trucks

You can also opt for offroad ceramic coating for your Jeep or truck. This coating is designed and formulated for off-road vehicles and is more durable and extra slick.

Offroad ceramic coatings will not just enhance the look of your vehicle but will help maintain your vehicle. Ideally, it gives an extremely ultra-glossy surface that repels sand, mud, dust, grime, etc.

When you apply offroad ceramic coatings, the surface becomes hydrophobic, making it easier to clean your offroad vehicle. Offroad ceramic coatings can be used on textured surfaces, wheels, plastics, metals, glass, vinyl, etc. The best part is that you can opt for strong ceramic coating for harsh conditions and heavy-duty purposes.

Scorpion Off-Road coating is the best for Jeeps and Trucks

Your Jeep or Truck is exposed to sand, dirt, rocks, and debris. One of the ways to protect your vehicle from damage and improve its lifespan is to apply a high-quality coating. Whether you want to protect your underside or body from extreme natural elements, you need to ensure to get it right. This is especially the case if you drive in areas covered in snow, sand, and salt.

Scorpion coatings provide high-quality coatings to protect the most important parts of your vehicle when off-roading. The best part is that you have the option to choose from a high-gloss finish or low-shine satin for the customizable look of your vehicle. Whether you are looking for a rugged off-road coating or ceramic off-road coating, Scorpion comes in handy. Contact us today for the best off-road coatings for your Jeep and Truck.