Protection When You Are “Off-Road”

Black Coating with Orange Flake Additive

Off-roading is a culture.  I written numerous times about the car culture that the exists in the United States.  It is real and can be seen on display at car hops, drive ups and parking lots in small towns on any Summer time weekend.  You will see convertibles, SUV’s, or maybe Jeeps with the top and doors off.   The culture that exists draws these enthusiasts together to share their passion.

Each group has its own niche.  Low and slow for the hot-roders.   Fast and glitzy for the sports cars.  Mud and woods for the off-roads.

The Off-Road Group

The off-road groups are the ones I want to discuss today.  Aside from the fact that Jeeps are one of the most popular vehicles in the United States and hold an amazing re-sale value, they are rugged and extremely effective in the off-road setting.    The bottom line, Jeeps kick ass!  If you are a regular in the off-road scene, you are probably dealing with the dings and dents and scratches that show up after a weekend of Jeepin!

Enter Scorpion Protective Coatings to this equation!

Yes, we are a truck bed liner, but off-roaders have found that this bed liner can be used as an exterior spray.  It creates a unique look and increased the durability substantially.

Scorpion’s XO2 truck bed liner is the most customizable option available in the coatings market.  Factor that with second to none durability and it is the perfect combination for the off-road enthusiasts.

Our dealer network is vast and knowledgable in the ways to attack exterior projects and make them customized.  Many of our dealers take the training route and learn the steps from Scorpion HQ’s training program.  This programs teaches prep, spraying, custom spraying, and finishing.  The ability to offer unlimited color options, color matches, or metal flake top coats gives our dealer network a huge amount of weapons to offer to the end user or enthusiast.


The exterior spray creates a unique, one of a kind look.   It offers the chance to stand out different from the other members of your Jeep Club.  The other members will be jealous and amazed by the increased protection.  Twigs and boulders that you use to ding and scratch the exterior or rocker panel area are now protected.

Scorpion is the most customizable bed liner available on the market.  For this, XO2 is the coating of choice for this niche because the only limitations of the product are that of applicator.

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