Off-Road with Scorpion

Leave the pavement behind! 

Some people golf, some people go to craft beer locations, others find the deepest mud pit around and drive their beloved off-road vehicle into it.  

Many would consider the daily hobbies that attract people to be just that…A Hobby.  Off-roaders are not hobbies, they are lifestyles.  I have written many times about the passion that Americans have for cars, trucks and basically anything with wheels.  This passion carries over into every aspect of their life.  Car clubs, car shows, car cruises, anything car! 


Same goes for trucks, jeeps, classic cars, and lifted trucks. You could almost say that there is a club or group for anything with 4 wheels, but that would be a lie…..same can be said for motorcycles.    The correct statement would be anything on wheels.  




Wow, these are my personal favorites.  Probably because I am such a fan of Jeeps.  In my humble opinion, there is no better off-road vehicle than a Jeep.  They look cool, they are fun to drive, and pretty much just Badass.


The Jeep takes the term Badass to new levels.  Even in stock form, the Jeep Wrangler is one of the most awesome vehicles on the road.  Make a few upgrades and you now have something that is off the charts.  Just a couple of additions and you are now the envy of your local off-road or Jeep club.  Seriously, is there anything better for the car enthusiast that being the envy of the entire club?  NO


What are some things that you can do with a Jeep or off-road vehicle that Scorpion can help with?  


How about an exterior liner that will offer added protection against the abuse that your Jeep sees on the trail or in the mud pit?   More than just a truck bed liner, Scorpion offers abuse protection for any imaginable surface.  In recent years, we are seeing more and more exterior sprays being done to create not only that unique look, but also get the added protection that a truck bed liner offers.  With the versatility of Scorpion’s flagship product, XO2 Bed Liner, the exterior coating can be customized in virtually unlimited ways.  Colors, color matches, flake top coats, and textures are all in play. 

With so many options of a protective coating from Scorpion, you might want to speak with one of our installers to see what this process will take and how many dollars you will be out.  You can check for dealers in your area by clicking HERE.