OEM Package 1

Scorpion Protective Coating System for Manufacturers

No longer are you tied into long-term contracts or having to pay high fees just to order product. Scorpion has designed packages just for commercial applicators that want serious protection without the big capital investment. Scorpion offers spray-on polyurethane protective coatings for the commercial market. Out products are designed to be cost efficient, easy to use and with simple, effective equipment.

The scorpion System was created with the manufacturer in mind. There are several package options and each one offers a unique benefit for your business. Each package contains the same great coatings products so the biggest difference between each package is volume. Custom packages are also available.

OEM Pack 1

The first package in the OEM line is Package 1. This package is a great option for small to medium sized commercial applicators. The package contains XO2 material, spray equipment, tools, and training materials.

– 9 Gallons of XO2 Protective Coating
– Tint
– Adhesion Promoter
– Accelerator
– Black Rubber Crumb
– Prime Bond Cleaner
– Denatured Alcohol
– Professional Series Spray Gun (pneumatic)
– Mini-Hopper
– 6″ Crup Brush
– Various Mixing Containers
– Mixing Paddle
– Measuring Cup Set
– Supplied Training Materials

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