Non-Skid Deck Coatings

Much the way I discussed non-skid coating in the previous blog post, I want to keep with that theme and go into more detail about another useful application for a truck bed liner material with a non-skid aggregate.  Wooden decks are the perfect application for this.

First off, XO2 does not require a bed liner pump.  Aside from some very simple and cost effective spray equipment, the main item you will need is a air compressor capable of suppling 7cfm at 90psi.

With a simple additive, your bed liner kits can be turned into an extremely durable and unique space that will be noticed by visitors.  Using the additive adds additional non-skid to an already non-slip surface.  For a deck application, we recommend using a rubber crumb additive to achieve the non-skid look.  Once installed it is very pleasing to look at because of the color variations at your disposal.  Grey’s and tans are by far our most common choices.  But maybe one of the most unique and one of a kind decks I have done was a deep rich maroon color that had black rubber crumb embedded into it.  When the home owner requested this color combination, i DID NOT like it.  Once I saw the color scheme in conjunction with the house and beautiful tan colors, it was the perfect match.  It was a perfect compliment to the house.  ( I am a coatings expert, never claimed to be home decorating expert)!!  HAHA

When you have a product that is as versatile as Scorpion’s XO2, you have options at your finger tips.  Just like the maroon color that I did not like, you have numerous other colors that you can pick from the Scorpion lineup.  You are limited to those colors either.  You can use just about any custom color of your choosing.  It may be a color that matches your backyard decor, or a color that matches the colors of your house.

Using additives in this mix creates a nice non-skid surface that is pleasing to look at, but also easy on bare feet. The finished surface on the deck will gain the durability of the bed while having just the right amount of elongation properties that it will not be to rigid!

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