Non-Skid Coatings

Non-Skid Coatings

We apply coatings to protect.  Protection from the elements, or abuse, or the general day to day wear and tear.  Coatings come in numerous forms but the bottom line is they are applied to offer up a layer of protection.

Coatings can be applied on walking surfaces to add protection as well.  One aspect of coatings on walking surfaces is that, when wet, they can become slippery.  A slip hazard is a scary thing for a business owner in todays lawsuit happy environment.  Scorpion’s XO2 is extremely versatile.  Custom colors, flake additives, and extremely durable.   AND…it can have non-skid additives for increased traction.


For this, we use Rubber Crumb! Scorpion Rubber Crumb is the perfect additive for floor coatings where water or slick areas are present and you need extreme non-skid properties. It is made from recycled rubber that is ground into small “crumbs”. Ground rubber is lighter than the sand or quartz mix so it stays suspended in the coating through the application process so that you don’t have to constantly remix your coating to keep it consistent. It is also a “soft” texture additive that provides traction but is not abrasive.



Added Benefit-More Coverage

Scorpion Rubber Crumb is a great way to add more texture to X02, but is also increase the coverage area.   A 100% load of rubber additive will increase the square-footage by a noticeable percentage.  On a small project, you may not notice this addition, but trust us, you will on the a large scale spray project.  

Trailer Ramps


Loading docks

Work/ Service Truck Bodies

Through the years at Scorpion, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest trailer manufacturers in North America.  This industry takes a great deal of pride in what the put on out on the public roads.  Of course the trailer industry is good at branding, so you can always find the name of the manufacturer on these units.  When a visible name, they want to ensure the product they are putting on the road is top notch.  Being selected to partner to supply a key and extremely visible product for these trailer is an honor.


A very interesting accept of our trailer partnerships in the vast purposes in which they use our coating.  Each manufacturer has their own area that they are concerned with.