Non-Skid Coatings

Some can be slippery, not all have to be!

Truck bed liners are not typically thought of as being non-skid.  Most often, when you are thinking about a truck bed liner, you are thinking about protecting your invest with a layer of high abuse coating. You want to keep the scratches down and dings gone from the day to day abuse that you throw at your truck bed and bed liner is the best and easiest way to achieve this.  The point is that non-slip isn’t the usual reason for a coating.

I am guessing by now that if you are reading this blog, you have guessed that yes, Scorpion can do a non-skid coatings!  This not to say that our bed liner is naturally non-skid, although it does have a strong slip  coefficient from the ASTM.  Even with a rating, we know there are reasons for additional non-skid.



Lets say that you are some business owner who offers canoeing tours.  Getting started is probably the easiest part of this business.  If your business plans allows the correct property, then your canoes are right where they need to be for customers to launch on their adventure.  Their parking is on sight and your canoes are right there as well.

The Problem:

You have to get the canoes back once their adventure ends.  Some use trailer and some use busses, but whichever they use, there is a strong chance your customers are going to be wet once they reach the departure point.  When entering the transportation vehicles, a non-skid coating will help ensure coating for those as they are heading back to their vehicles.  You of course want to keep your customers safe, but how about your employees?  Adding safety in todays world is not a bad thing no matter who is benefiting from it.

Scorpion’s XO2 bed liner system is the most versatile bed liner and coating available on the market.  With this batch mix system, mixing what you need when you need it give you unlimited creativity.  We use recycled rubber crumb pellets to achieve additional non-skid.  This configuration is very popular in the trailer industry as the ramps will become wet so many customers will choose to order their trailer with non-skid.  This is the same concept if you are the small business owner mentioned in the story above.

We can get more aggressive if there is a need for extreme non-skid, but this is not a configuration want if there is a possibility of bare feet.  Gripper granules can be used when extreme is needed.  These granular will be broadcast over a fresh coating and will settle into it to offer the most extreme non-skid available.