Jeeps and hotrods create noise.  Just another reason why we love them right? There are not to many things to not love about Jeeps ( in my humble opinion).  Of course my humble opinion is because I LOVE JEEPS.  Ok, so maybe you can complain about the gas milage or the noise.  I can live those 2 things!  But, what if I told you we could help reduce the amount of noise inside your jeeps?  You are jumping on that possibility, aren’t you?


Al’s Liner, a division of Scorpion Protective Coatings, has a product that reduces the amount of noise inside your Jeep!

Al’s Liner HNR- Heat and Noise Reducer

HNR is a proprietary blend of latex synthetic polymers. It contains acrylic, PVA and vinyl styrene and reinforced with ceramic micro spheres that provide incredible insulation, heat reflection and sound deadening properties.

Lots of big words….the bottom line, it reduces the noise while cruising down the road inside your Jeep or hotrod.  This added layer of sound deadening can reduce noise exposure by up to 40%.

HNR can withstand heat and reflects exterior temperatures by 45F or more. HNR can be applied to virtually any substrate with minimal prep, works just like latex paint. Excellent for interior automotive applications of all types! Al’s HNR keeps your vehicle or boat cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Important Note:

Al’s Liner HNR is not designed to be a stand alone product.  For maximum performance, a base layer of properly applied HNR then top coated with Al’s Liner premium DIY bed liner material will help you achieve the results you are looking for.


We encourage you to speak to our Technical Service Department to ensure a successful application. Like almost all other upgrades, it is so much easier to talk about the project before, that discuss fixing after a mistake is made.   That being said, Al’s Liner is an easy process, but for a rookie applicator there are some important steps and tips we can make you aware of before the process begins.