919 Auto Works

Owner: Tyler Barbee

3933 Barber Mill Rd.

Clayton, NC   27520



Please join Scorpion in welcoming Tyler of 919 Auto Works to the Scorpion Family!


Since I was young, diesel trucks have always been a passion, or obsession some may say. As I grew older I was finally able to purchase different ones and started tinkering with them in many ways. From then I learned different aspects of detailing and how to’s as well as all the different options for custom lighting. Though I had other occupations throughout, I always wanted to do something where I could play with vehicles on a daily basis and make a living. That is where I decided to take things to the next level. I started learning more ways to make a vehicle look its best with detailing tools and chemicals, as well as taking lights apart to customize them or by adding more lights to a vehicle. Then I learned about Scorpion Truck Bed Liners and my mind started racing. This was how I could tie everything together and build towards a full-time venture “playing with vehicles.” By offering the services I had been able to learn a lot about and was passionate about, I could work towards building relations and revenue that I would be able to wake up every day at some point and not feel like I was just going to work, somewhere I was not even interested in going to. By actually doing what I enjoy and making dang sure I do everything to the best of my ability, I can offer the high-quality services I want customers receiving when they come to me and put trust in me to do work on their vehicle.