You obviously want to keep your car looking as amazing as it did when you drove it off the dealer’s showroom. Unfortunately, anything and everything has been attacking your car’s surface, compromising the aesthetics of your valuable investment. From road-side debris to dirty rain, to bird shit and tree gum, your car has braced them all.

Sure, wax does a good job at adding a good level of gloss and shine to your car while locking out these contaminants. But truth be told – wax lasts just a few months at best. If you’re frustrated with short-term solutions, it’s time to use the latest in technology to protect your car. This is where nano ceramic coatings come in.

Beneficial Features

  1. Hydrophobic

Ceramic coatings utilize nano technology, which consists of very tiny particles that form a very thin layer that’s completely invisible to the naked eye. When applied to a car’s surface, these tiny particles close up all pores, making the surface hydrophobic. This is an important property in the sense that it makes your car’s surface exceptionally water-repellant. Once your car is coated, the credible hydrophobic effect of the nano coating will cause rainwater to bead up and roll off,

  1. Dirt-repellant

A surface that is coated in a nano ceramic coating will repel dust and dirt in the same way it repels water. Once coated dust, dirt and mud will not adhere to the surface of your vehicle, but will rather slide off. This is a feature that you will always appreciate when it’s dry and dusty, as well as when it’s rainy and muddy.

  1. UV-resistant

When out driving under the sun, your car is exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays. As time goes by, this exposure makes the paint job of your look fade and dull. In addition to being water-repellent and dirt-repellant, nano-ceramic coatings are UV-resistant. This protection against UV damage helps to keep your car looking new for longer.

If you’re in search of a nano ceramic coating for auto glass, Scorpion Repel is an ideal choice. This is a high-tech coating specially designed for auto glass and it effectively repels water and dirt. Scorpion Protect is another perfect choice that creates a super clear and glossy finish. Installing these coatings will not only help to retain the aesthetic appeal of your car, but it will also help make cleaning your car much easier.