When considering a bed liner application system, there are several options to you.  These range from DIY, batch mix, and high pressure pump systems.

Factors that determine which system is best for you can be volume, frequency, and what type of warranty you want to offer to your customers.  

  • DIY

  • Batch Mix

  • High Pressure

Scorpion has all your truck bed liner and protective coating needs!

Each has advantages and each have drawbacks.  



The industry standard for a DIY bed liner is around 20 mils thickness.  If your truck is a work truck, a 20 mil thickness may not provide a suitable layer of protection. But, there are those that take pride in doing it themselves.  


Batch Mix-

a batch mix system from Scorpion has over 23 years of proven history of performance and durability.  This is the product that got Scorpion Coatings in the market. We developed a product that can be applied without the investment of thousands of dollars in pump system and still take daily abuse.  The XO2 batch mix system is the most versatile bed liner on the market. Colors, textures, additives, color matches, metal flake are all options.


High Pressure Pump-

possibly the biggest advantage with spraying bed liner from a pump system is the dry time.  Dry to the touch in just 6 seconds, this is an advantage when you have a volume of trucks or other components that you need back on the assembly line.  

A downfall of the pump system is start up cost.  Pumps can range in price from 15k-45k, depending on the system.  This requires volume, because if you have a system like this for protective coatings, you WANT it spraying.  



Scorpion’s long history in this market allows us to provide you with the BEST option for your coating needs.  We offer all of these bed liner systems. Our experts can help direct you to the right system to meet your needs.